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Welcome to Lucid Cafe, your go-to destination for a delightful coffee experience in Qatar. Our unique selling point lies in our commitment to serving the finest coffee, carefully sourced from around the world. With an extensive menu and exclusive deals, we guarantee a memorable visit every time. At Lucid Cafe, we understand the importance of a great cup of coffee to start your day or unwind after a long day's work.

Best Selling


London Cheesecake 1 Piece

24 QR
Chocolate Cake Small

35 QR
Chocolate Cake

185 QR
Turkey And Cheese Sandwich In Brioche

28 QR
Halloumi Sandwich With Zaatar Sandwich

28 QR
Summer Bundle

Ice box of 8 bottles and chocolate cake

300 QR
Summer Box 10 Bottles

Ice tea bottle - spanish latte cold bottle - passion fruit mojito bottle - strawberry mojito bottle - cold americano bottle

200 QR
Hot Chocolate Box

180 QR
Iced Hazelnut Latte 12 oz

25 QR
Iced Matcha Latte 12 oz

24 QR
Iced Spanish Latte 12 oz

22 QR
Iced Americano 12 Oz

14 QR
Aquafina Water 500 Ml

7 QR
Pepsi 330 Ml

5 QR
7up 330 Ml

5 QR
Perrier Water 330 Ml

12 QR
Aquafina Water 330ml

5 QR
Ice Tea

24 QR
Strawberry Mojito 12 oz

20 QR