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Makaronia Pasta and Pizza

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Welcome to Makaronia Pasta and Pizza, where we serve the finest dishes that will satisfy your cravings. Our unique blend of flavors and high-quality ingredients set us apart from the rest. Indulge in our mouthwatering pasta and pizza creations that are sure to leave you wanting more. At Makaronia Pasta and Pizza, we pride ourselves on offering exclusive deals and specialties that you won't find anywhere else.

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Lasagna Bites ⓢ

Deep Fried Lasagna Balls

35 QR

24.5 QR


Turkey and Mushroom Pizza

Mozzarella, tomato sauce, white bottom mushroom, smoked turkey, ricotta and fresh parsley

55 QR

38.5 QR
Truffle Pasta

Any Pasta Of Your Choice Cooked With Chicken,White Bottom Mushrooms,Garlic,Cream, Baby Spinach ,Fresh Basil ,Parsely Mixed With Truffle Paste And Cheese Top Up With Fresh Baby Spinach And Parmesan

55 QR
Rigatoni Arabiatta Pasta

Rigatoni Pasta Cooked Together With Chili,Garlic Fresh Chonked Tomatoes Served With Fresh Pasery And Basil On And In The Pasta

50 QR
Lemon Posset

Cream,Sugar Lemon Juice Topped On Lemon Zest’S Served With Fresh Basil On Top

32 QR
Truffle Pizza

Cream,Truffle Paste And Mozzarella Cheese Severed With Baby Roca On Top.

65 QR
Pizza Bites

Small Pizza Bites Filled With Pizza Tomato Sauce,Mozzarella Cheese Chicken Sausage And Pepperoni Topped Up With Baby Roca

28 QR
Capra Plato Salad

Mixed lettuce of roca, baby spinach cherry tomato cashew nut ,cucumber and loloroso marinated with two optional dressing of your choice(lemonade dressing and pomegranate dressing) topped up with feta cheese and burrata

65 QR
Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce seasoned with caesar dressing topped up with well grilled chicken breast

40 QR
Fettuccine Pasta

Fresh fettuccine pasta cooked in white or pink cream sauce passed through the parmesan cheese wheel

45 QR
Origano Fries

Potato finger chips crusted with oregano, grana padano cheese, paprika powder and fresh parsley severed with cocktail sauce

28 QR
Fried Calamari With Shrimps

Fried prawns and squid rings with tentacles served with your choice of cocktails sauce or tartar sauce

47 QR
Chicken Tender

Herb crusted chicken tenders served with basil mayonnaise sauce and topped with fresh parsley

35 QR
Bechamel Bites

Béchamel balls stuffed with bresaola, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese and fresh parsley,served with basil mayonnaise sauce.

30 QR
Cannelloni with chicken and pink sauce

Cannelloni pasta stuffed with pulled chicken and white bottom mushroom cooked in pink sauce with cheese

55 QR
Makaronia Lasagna

Creamy makaronia lasagna served with cheese layered egg pasta with tomato, beef ragu, bresaola

50 QR
Fussilli Alforno

Fusili pasta baked with chicken and mushroom in pink sauce and cheese

55 QR
Pink Arrabbiata Baby

Penne arrabbiata served with burrata cheese

50 QR
Fettuccine Alfredo Chicken and Mushroom

Fresh fettuccine pasta cooked in white or pink cream sauce with chicken and mashrooms passed through the parmesan cheese wheel garnished with fresh parsley

50 QR