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🍣 Embark on a Culinary Journey with Maki Restaurant - Your Passport to Japan, Right Here in Qatar! 🍣 Hey there, fellow foodies! Are you craving something that tickles your taste buds with the vibrant, umami-packed flavors of Japan? Then, let me whisk you away on a gastronomic adventure that doesn't even require you to leave the comfort of your home - Welcome to Maki Restaurant, the crown jewel of Qatar's Japanese cuisine scene! Why Maki Restaurant? Oh, Let Me Count the Ways... With an unbeatable Snoonu rating of 4.7, Maki Restaurant isn't just a place to eat; it's an experience to be savored. We're not just about sushi; we're about bringing a piece of Japan's rich culinary tradition to your doorstep. Our diverse menu is a love letter to the flavors of the Land of the Rising Sun, carefully crafted to cater to every palate. 🍱 A Menu That Speaks Volumes 🍱 From the seasoned sushi aficionado to the adventurous diner, our maki qatar menu offers something for everyone. Dive into our bestsellers and let dishes like the Fatouma Mame Maki wrap you in a warm embrace with its delicate balance of textures and flavors. Or, spice up your life with the Spicy Crab Avocado Salad, a dish that promises to dance on your palate with every bite. Crave a bit of drama? Our Volcano Maki is a spectacle of taste that erupts with flavor, while the Crispy Salad offers a refreshing crunch that's hard to resist. Each dish is a testament to the artistry and passion of our chefs, who bring you the most authentic and delightful experiences from Japan's rich culinary landscape. 🚀 Delivery at the Speed of Light 🚀 And because we know you can't wait to dig in, we've partnered with Snoonu, the superheroes of delivery, to bring our culinary delights to your doorstep in no time! Whether you're in Al Duhail, Al Duhail North, Al Ebaib, Al Ebb, or Al Kharaitiyat, we've got you covered.

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Volcano Maki™ (8 pcs)

Crabsticks and crispy tempura, sesame, spring onion with our special sweet & spicy sauce.

75 QR

52.5 QR


Crispy Salad™

Rocket, assorted lettuce, cucumber, carrot, pink pepper, rice pearl, avocado, crispy Harusame, sweet potato, cassava, beetroot, crabsticks, wasabi & yuzu flakes with our special sauce.

55 QR

38.5 QR


Maki Gathering Platter - Small 26 pcs

8 Volcano Maki, 6 Issa Maki, 6 Fatouma Maki 6 BWB Maki

318 QR

257.75 QR


BWB Mame Maki™ (6 pcs)

Crabsticks, prawn tempura, tobiko, avocado, Frisee, crispy tempura and edible gold leaves with our special sweet & spicy sauce.

75 QR

52.5 QR


Maki Gathering Platter - Large 42 pcs

8pcs Volcano Maki, 6pcs Issa Maki, 6pcs Fatouma Maki 6pcs BWB Maki, 8pcs Jawi Maki, 8pcs Maki Maki

473 QR

366.25 QR
Shake Sashimi


52 QR
Akami Sashimi


85 QR
Kani Sashimi


35 QR
Unagi Sushi

Fresh water eel, sushi rice.

25 QR
Shake Sushi

Salmon, sushi rice.

18 QR
Ebi Sushi

Shrimp, sushi rice.

15 QR
Tobiko Sushi

Flying fish roe, sushi rice.

13 QR
Kani Sushi

Crabsticks, sushi rice.

10 QR
Ikura Sushi

Salmon roe, sushi rice.

18 QR
Spicy Tuna Maki (6 pcs)

Tuna, crispy and spring onion with our special spicy sauce.

50 QR
Philly Shake Maki (6 pcs)

Philadelphia cheese and salmon.

37 QR
Maki Maki™ (8 pcs)

Crabsticks, prawn tempura, salmon, avocado, sesame and tobiko with our special sweet & spicy sauce.

75 QR
Amai Maki™ (8 pcs)

Prawn tempura, salmon and avocado with our special plum sauce.

75 QR
California Maki (6 pcs)

Crabsticks, avocado, cucumber and tobiko.

38 QR