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Experience the rich and refreshing flavors of Mango Talaat, Qatar's go-to destination for delectable mango treats. Indulge in our mouthwatering menu filled with a variety of options that will satisfy even the most discerning mango lover. From freshly squeezed mango juice to our irresistible mango-infused delights, we offer a unique and delightful experience that you won't find anywhere else.

Best Selling


Takheem Box ⓢ

Choose 12 Flavors (Fresh Juice , Cocktail , Mojito )

99 QR
Ice Cream Box

Box Ice cream Talaat ( 10 Pcs )

100 QR
Majlis Box

Box Almajles ( 12 Pcs ) Fresh Juice Cooktail Mojito Milkshake

120 QR
Mini Pancake Strawberry And Nutella

Mini Pancake Coverd With Chocola Souce And Fresh Strawberry

35 QR
Nutella Chocolate Top Freeze

6 Pcs Fresh Strawberry Covered With Nutella Chocolate Sauce

30 QR
Pancake Pistachio

Pancake Covered With Pistachio Souce

35 QR
Pancake Lotus

Pancake Covered With Lotus Souce And Strawberry Slice

30 QR
Nutella Pancake

30 QR
Pancake Kinder

30 QR
Mini Pancake Pistachio

30 QR
Mini Pancake Lotus

25 QR
Mini Pancake Nutella

25 QR
Mini Pancake Kinder

25 QR
Double Fresh Juice

Fresh Juice ( Choice 2 Kind )

25 QR
Triple Fresh Juice

Fresh Juice Triple ( Choice 3 Kind )

30 QR
Mango Juice

18 QR
Kiwi Juice

17 QR
Lemon Mint Juice

15 QR
Strawberry Juice

18 QR