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Welcome to Margherita, the ultimate destination for the finest meals and culinary delights in Qatar. With our passion for authentic Italian cuisine, we take pride in offering a unique dining experience that will transport you to the heart of Italy. At Margherita, we are known for our handcrafted pizzas, made with the freshest ingredients and baked to perfection in our traditional wood-fired ovens.

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Burrata Pugliese Con Pomodirini 125 GR

Creamy Mozzarella With Side Salad, Cherry Tomatoes And Pesto Sauce

72 QR
Insalata Cesare Di Salmone O Pollo

Caesar Salad With Smoked Salmon Orilled Chicken

57 QR
Bruschetta Classica

Toasted Bread Topped With Cherry Tomatoes And Pesto Sauce 250 Gm

42 QR
Insalata Con Caprino E Mele

Goat Cheese Salad With Apple And Honey Mustard Dressing 250 Gm

58 QR
Insalata Di Quinoa Con Gamberi

Quinoa Salad With Cherry Tomatoes, Shrimps And Orange Dressing 250 Gm

62 QR
Involtini Di Bresaola

Bresaola And Buffalo Mozzarella Rolls, Mushrooms, Rocca And Lemon Dressing 250 Gm

65 QR
Parmigiana Di Melanzane

Sliced Eggplant Baked With Tomato Sauce And Rosemary 250 Gm

58 QR
Insalata Di Rucola

Rocca Salad With Roasted Cherry Tomatoes And Parmesan Cheese 250 Gm

48 QR
Frittura Di Gamberi E Calamari Con Verdure

Mixed Fried Shrimps, Calamari And Vegetables 250 Gm

61 QR
Calamari Alla Griglia

Grilled Calamari With Side Salad And Lemon Dressing 250 Gm

49 QR
Mozzarelline Indorate Alla Napoletana

Fried Mozzarelline With Bread Crumbs, Neapolitan Style 250 Gm

45 QR
Insalata Caprese

Caprese Salad With Buffalo Mozzarella, Tomatoes And Basil 250 Gm

56 QR
Fumetto Di Pesce

Fish Soup Flavored With Lemon

56 QR
Minestrone Di Verdure

Traditional Fresh Vegetables Soup

40 QR
Crema Di Funghi Con Crostini

Creamy Mushroom Soup With Homemade Croutons And Olive Oil

43 QR
Funghi Misti Di Stagione Saltati

Sautéed Mushrooms With Garlic And Olive Oil

26 QR
Purè Di Patate

Homemade Mashed Potatoes

21 QR
Patate Novelle Al Forno

Roasted Baby Potatoes With Rosemary, Garlic And Olive Oil

25 QR
Patate Fritte

Potato Fries

24 QR