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Best Selling

102 QR

Pollo Parmigiana

140 QR

Lamb shank


Oregano Fries

Homemade potato fries covered with our oregano and Parmesan blend, served with paprika sauce.

105 QR

Kiki Salad

Mesclun leaves laced with citrus ranch dressing , topped with glazed truffle shrimps, Parmesan biscuits, avocado and pomegranate.

250 QR

The Verde Salad

Lettuce,rocca leaves, hearved roasted potatoes and eggplant seasonal vegetables,oregano croutons mixes with pink ranch dressing.

225 QR

Capra Salad

Lollo rosso salad, cherry tomatoes, caramelized onions, fried goat cheese, cashew nuts, laced with balsamic dressing.

240 QR

A La Gamberoni

Crumbed shrimps casserole in spicy tartar sauce, garnished with spring onion and parsley.

235 QR

Pollo Pazzo

Chicken tenders deep fried with corn flakes, served with a paprika dip.

190 QR


Homemade mini beef patty in 2 ways: • with aubergine, cheese, rocca leaf and paprika sauce • caramelized onion, mushroom and cheese.

220 QR

Arancino Palla

Crispy risotto balls with mozzarella cheese and sun-dried tomato served with sun-dried tomato dip.

215 QR

Pollo Lino

Grilled chicken breast cut in cubes, glazed with a sweet and spicy mixture topped with crunchy skinny potato and a touch of beetroot.

210 QR


Focaccia panini with glazed chicken,mixed cheese(provolone,mild cheddar,mozzarella),grilled mushrooms,white ranch and mesclun leaves.

205 QR

A La Zumano

A blend of creamy veggies and mozzarella cheese and grilled chicken.

255 QR

Tartuffo Pasta

Creamy black truffle salsa with a hint of nuts.

280 QR

Mushroom Ravioli

Ravioli pasta filled with creamy mushrooms and cheese.

280 QR

Pasta Verde

Pasta with a creamy pesto salsa, topped with aubergine and mozzarella.

250 QR

Bolognese Pasta

Sicilian style meat ragu in tomato sauce.

265 QR

Marina Pasta

Cooked with our tangy pink sauce and grilled shrimps garnished with spring onions.

285 QR

Salsa Fungi

Pasta with a creamy mushroom sauce.

245 QR

Nove Arrabiata

Traditional tomato salsa with chili flakes

220 QR

Bianca Pasta

Creamy white sauce of nuts and Parmesan cheese.

235 QR

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