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Combo 1

Choice Of Omelet Quesadilla With Hot/cold Drink (Coffee, Tea, Mojito, Smoothie) And Oman Chips

25 QR
Combo 2

Your Choice Of Quesadilla, And Your Choice Of Hot/cold Drink (Coffee, Tea, Mojito, Smoothie) And Oman Chips

35 QR
Combo 3

Your Choice Of Sweets With Your Choice Of Hot/cold Drink (Coffee, Tea, Mojito, Smoothie)

25 QR
Burrito Crispy Chicken

Tortila Bread, Crispy Chicken, Potato, Lettuce And Sauce

15 QR
Smoked Turkey Omelet Quesadilla with Cheese

Tortila Bread, Egg Omlete Turkey and Cheese

15 QR
Omelet Quesdailla

Tortila Bread, Egg Omlete and Cheese

15 QR
Paratha Of Your Choice

Paratha With Your Choice Of 2 Fillings

7 QR
Pastrami Quesadilla

Tortilla bread, pastrami, cheese, olives and jalapeno, vegetable and sauce.

20 QR
Smoked Turkey Quesadilla

Tortilla bread, smoked turkey, cheese, olives with jalapeno, coleslaw and sauce.

20 QR
Quesadilla Vegetable

Quesadila Bread, Mixed Vegetable, Cheese,Oilves, Jalapeno and Sauce.

18 QR
Quesadilla Chicken

Quesadila Bread, Chicken, Vegetable, Cheese, Oilves, Jalapeno and Sauce.

20 QR
Protein Balls for Eid

Date balls covered with coconut, pistachio and chocolate. Can order 2 days before delivery date.

250 QR
Louis Vuitton Chocolate Cake Bag

Chocolate With Cake Of Your Choice (Pistachio Rose Or Snicker) Order 4 Days Before Delivery

250 QR
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Freshly made cookies with chocolate chips and Sauce.

12 QR
French Toast

Brioche, cinnamon, sugar, butter, Sauce and Crumble of your choice.

20 QR

Waffle, sauce and crumble.

15 QR

2 QR
Kinza Cola

5 QR
Kinza Citrus

5 QR