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Welcome to Milk Bun, the ultimate destination for milk bun lovers in Qatar! Indulge in our delectable milk buns that are freshly baked to perfection, offering a unique and delightful taste experience. What sets Milk Bun apart is our commitment to using only the finest ingredients, ensuring each bite is packed with flavor. Our milk buns are soft, fluffy, and irresistibly delicious, making them a must-try for burger enthusiasts and foodies alike.

Best Selling


MB Melt

Double patty, american cheese, shaved onions, MB sauce, milk bun.

27 QR

Double patty, american cheese, white onions,Lettuce, Big B sauce, pickles, milk bun

33 QR
Milky Burger

Single Beef patty, American cheese, onions, pickles, mustard, ketchup, milk bun.

18 QR
Milk Bun Burger

Double Beef patty, American cheese, pickles, MB sauce, milk bun.

26 QR
LA Burger

Double Beef patty, American cheese, tomato, lettuce, onions, MB sauce, milk bun.

28 QR
Truffle N Swiss Burger

Double Beef patty, swiss cheese, mushroom truffle sauce, milk bun.

33 QR
Milk Bun Lux Burger

Single Beef patty 150g, American cheese, pickles, onion, lettuce, milk bun, MB sauce.

38 QR
Truffle Thunder

Honey Fried Chicken, Truffle Sauce, American Cheese, Lettuce, Mayo, Pickles

35 QR
Plain Chicken Burger

Buttermilk fried chicken, pickles, mayo, milk bun.

25 QR
Classic Burger

Buttermilk fried chicken, American cheese, pickles, mayo, milk bun.

28 QR
Hotness Burger

Buttermilk fried chicken, pickles, lettuce, spicy aioli, milk bun.

30 QR
Milk Fries

Potato fries topped with Milk sauce & crispy roasted onions

20 QR
Un Fries

Potato & sweet potato fries,Beetroot & MB sauce, crispy roasted onions

23 QR

16 QR
Sweet Potato Fries

18 QR

9 QR
Chicken Nuggets

Served with choice of sauce MB Sauce, Milk sauce,spicy aioli, Jalapeno Ranch, BBQ Sauce, Honey mustard, Lemon Ranch

18 QR
MB Sauce

3 QR
Milk Sauce

3 QR