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Craving a slice of heaven? Look no further than Mission Pizza! Known for its delicious and diverse pizza menu, Mission Pizza is your go-to spot for the ultimate pizza delivery in Qatar. From the indulgent Pizza 53 men� to the classic Pizza 24 Mission, each bite is a journey of flavors. Hunting for pizza deals in Mission? Find the perfect slice at a price that's nice! Even for the most finicky pizza man on a mission, our menu offers something for everyone.

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Sunberry Yogurt

Raspberry Jam, Banana, Granola, Honey And Dried Raspberries Over Yoghurt

46 QR
Red Berry Yogurt

Raspberry Yoghurt, Blueberries, Honey And Granola

48 QR
Halloumi Salad

Grilled Halloumi, Mixed Salad, Baby, Romaine Lettuce, Cherry Tomato, Pomegranate Dressing

40 QR
Kale Salad

Kale Leaves, Lollo Roso, Enoki Mushroom, Cashew Nuts, Chicken With Sesame, Red Radish, Beetroot, Sesame Dressing

38 QR
Fettuccine Pesto Pasta

Basil Pesto Sauce, Pine Nuts, Fresh Basil And Parmesan

44 QR
Fettuccini Alfredo Pasta

Our Creamy Chicken & Mushroom Alfredo Sauce Served With Fettuccine Pasta

46 QR
Spaghetti Bolognese

Speghetti With Bolgnese Sauce Andcheese Parmesan ,Basil Fresh

50 QR
Penne Gamberi Pasta

A Delicious Pink Sauce With Sauteed Shrimps, Parmesan And Basil Served Over Penne Pasta

49 QR
Pudding Chocolate

Sweet Chocolate Flavored Dessert Made Up Of Biscuit Filled With Mascarpone Cream And Condensed Layered Of Dark Chocolate

44 QR
Pudding Vanilla

Layered Biscuit Filled With Mascarpone Cream And Condensed With Touch Of Vanilla Taste

44 QR
San Sebastian Cheesecake

A Light, Baseless Baked Cheesecake Served With Nutella Chocolate Sauce

45 QR
Tart Berries

Tart Mix Berries Pc Dough Almond Sugar.Cream Vanilla. Sponge Joconde.Rasberry.Blue Berries. Strawberry .

42 QR
Carrot Cake

A Gorgeous Two Layer Soft And Moist Carrot Cake

40 QR
The Brownie

Brownie Cake Served With Ice Cream Vanilla And Chocolate Sauce

35 QR
Eclaire Chocolate & Hazelnut

Choux Dough Filled With Chocolate Cream And Hazelnut Praline Topped With Chopped Hazelnut Caramelized And Chocolate Icing

33 QR
Eclaire Pistachio

Pistachio Éclair Choux Dough Filled With Pistachio Cream And Pistachio Hazelnut Praline With Chopped Pistachio Caramelized And Pistachio Icing

33 QR
Eclaire Vanilla & Caramel

Choux Dough Filled With Vanilla Cream And Caramel Topped With Chopped Pecan Caramelized And Vanilla Icing

33 QR
Eclaire Strawberry

Choux Dough Filled With Vanilla Cream And Strawberry Compote And Topped With Strawberry Dried And Strawberry Flavor Icing

33 QR
7 Up

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