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Try Moo! a restaurant situated in Qatar and offers a variety of Cafe, Desserts, Cakes that is delivered throughout Al Ebb, Al Luqta and Lusail municipalities in Qatar. Although they provide a variety of dishes and meals to pick from, their best-selling dishes include Turkey Rocket Sandwich, Chicken Pesto Sandwich, Croffle Bomb 32pcs and Croffle Bomb 6 Pieces Users have rated the restaurant with a 4.4 and reviewed it 50 times. Order now and enjoy fast delivery with Snoonu within 20 minutes

Best Selling


Rehash Milk Cake

280 QR
Gooey Cake

280 QR
White Chocolate Hazelnut Puff 28 Pieces

250 QR
Tiramisu Cube 12 Pieces

250 QR
Croffle Bomb 32 Pieces

32 pieces of Croffle Bombs filled with chocolate caramel sauce and covered with milk chocolate sauce.

255 QR
Kinder Bueno Sweet Bun 8's

8 Pieces of kinder bueno bread stuffed with golden sauce, milk chocolate, crispy crepe and white hazelnut mousse.

230 QR
Mix Puff (28 Pieces)

260 QR
Chocolate Caramel Puffs 28Pcs

Choux Pastry, Choco Custard Filling, Choco Blanco Sauce

250 QR
Assorted savory box 5 kinds

Assorted savory box 5 kinds with the selection of 8 different croissants

160 QR
Assorted Sweets

250 QR
Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Crusties 14 Pieces

250 QR
Ferrero Crusties 14 Pieces

250 QR
Assorted Cronut Sweets

250 QR
Tiramisu Cube 9 Pieces

200 QR
Kinder Bueno Sweet Buns

38 QR
Blueberry Cream Cheese Rollie

Croissant Infused with Blueberry Compote, dipped with cream cheese frosting.

38 QR
Kinder Rollie

38 QR
Croffle Bomb 6 Pieces

43 QR
Tiramisu Cube

Cube croissant filled with cream cheese frosting, milk chocolate dip, cocoa powder, choco espresso

42 QR