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Quench your thirst and indulge in the freshest juices in Qatar at Mr. Juice! We are your go-to destination for a wide variety of delicious and nutritious beverages. Our menu offers an array of options, including fresh fruit juices, refreshing shakes, and more. At Mr. Juice, we pride ourselves on using only the finest and freshest ingredients. Our juices are made with locally-sourced fruits, ensuring that you enjoy the natural flavors with every sip.

Best Selling


Croissant Pudding

Flaky buttery croissant covered with warm cinnamon milk topped with pecan nuts drizzled with Belgium milk chocolate & salted caramel sauce, topped with French vanilla ice cream and cinnamon powder.

29 QR
Rice Krispy Cup

25 QR
Brownie and Rice Krispy Cup

30 QR
Strawberry Cup

39 QR
Mix Berries Ice Cream

Combines Of The Rich Creaminess Of Ice Cream With The Vibrant Flavors Of Assorted Berries.

20 QR
Mix Berries

Mix Of Berries, Lemon And Vanilla Ice Cream.

28 QR
Mix Berries Cheesecake

Mix Berries Ice Cream, French Vanilla Ice Cream, Biscuit Crust And Mix Berries Sauce

20 QR
Pick And Mix Bowl

Create Your Own Bowl (choose 2 base, 2 toppings & 1 bottle of sauce)

45 QR
 Rahash Cake

Arabic-inspired ice cream cake that features the rich flavors of cardamom, saffron, and rahash. It is topped with a decadent caramel sauce.

190 QR
Berries Cheesecake

creamy cheesecake flavored ice cream cake, topped with a layer of delicious cheesecake made with fresh berries and covered in a rich forest berry sauce and lemon zest.

190 QR
 Tiramisu Cake

Indulge in the rich and decadent flavors of Italy with our Italian cake. Featuring a luscious mascarpone cheese and coffee-flavored ice cream base, this cake is layered with sponge fingers soaked in cold brewed coffee, and topped with a creamy and smooth mascarpone cheese frosting

190 QR
Rahash Cake slice

Slice of Arabic-Inspired Ice Cream Cake That Features The Rich Flavors Of Cardamom, Saffron, And Rahash. It Is Topped With A Decadent Caramel Sauce.

34 QR
Berries Cheesecake Slice

Slice Of Creamy Cheesecake Flavored Ice Cream Cake, Topped With A Layer Of Delicious Cheesecake Made With Fresh Berries And Covered In A Rich Forest Berry Sauce And Lemon Zest.

34 QR
 Tiramisu Cake Slice

Slice Of Indulge In The Rich And Decadent Flavors Of Italy With Our Italian Cake. Featuring A Luscious Mascarpone Cheese And Coffee-Flavored Ice Cream Base, This Cake Is Layered With Sponge Fingers Soaked In Cold Brewed Coffee, And Topped With A Creamy And Smooth Mascarpone Cheese Frosting

34 QR
Mango Dragon Lemonade

21 QR
Akho Aziz

Alphonso Mango, Banana And Vanilla Ice Cream.

24 QR

Alphonso Mango, chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

24 QR
Cool Down

Basil, mint, lemon juice, kiwi.

24 QR
Awar Galb

Mango, strawberries, vanilla ice cream.

24 QR