Mumtaz Alhummus & Fava Beans

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Discover the exquisite flavors of Mumtaz Alhummus & Fava Beans, your go-to destination for authentic foul tameez in Qatar. Indulge in our mouthwatering selection of freshly prepared fava beans, expertly seasoned and served with warm, fluffy bread. Our unique twist on this traditional Middle Eastern dish will leave you craving for more. At Mumtaz Alhummus & Fava Beans, we take pride in our commitment to quality and taste.

Best Selling


Sandwich Hummus With Falafel And Salad

7 QR
Sandwich Foul

Fava beans Sandwich with Bread

5 QR
Sandwich Mix Hmmus & Foul

MIX Hummus & FOUL Sandwich with a Bread

5 QR
Sandwich Hummus

Alhummus Sandwich with a Bread

5 QR
Sandwich Falafel

Sandwich Falafel with vegetable, sesame, spice, tomato

7 QR
Hummus Sandwich With Falafel

6 QR
Shakshouka Sandwich

7 QR
Khoresht Keymeh with rice

Rice with Khoresh (eggplant , tomato ,onion ,...)

25 QR
Hummus With Chicken Kebab

17 QR
Falafel 4 Pieces

2 QR
Special Feed Chef Large

Hummus with Meat , foul , vegetable, sesame, spice, tomato,

35 QR
Falafel with Salad Large

Falafel 12 pieces with Salad ,( onion and tomato ,Olive cucumber) & 3 bread

25 QR
Hummus With Meat

20 QR

Alhummus (not Drield) with sesame, spice

10 QR
Falafel with Salad Small

Falafel 6 pieces with Salad ,( onion and tomato ,Olive cucumber) & 3 bread

15 QR
Fried Shrimp

35 QR
Mix Hummus & foul small

Hummus, Fava beans, Olive, Spice about 240 to 270 gr

10 QR
Foul large

Fava beans, Olive, Spice about 450 to 500 gr

20 QR
Mix Kebab 1/2 kg

Mix kebab and Kofte (meat & Chicken )

50 QR