My Fair Sweets

Delivery time

49-54 Min


11.16 km

Working hours

OpenUntil 9:00 pm



Best Selling

650 QR

Jenduya Cake

520 QR

Chocolate Acrylic Box

230 QR

Muskan Plate

200 QR

Breakfast Box Encounters

215 QR

Jendouya Chocolate Box


Sandwiches Box With Arabic Bread

230 QR

Box Of Fatayer With Tortilla Bread

230 QR

Breakfast Box Encounters

200 QR

Muskan Plate

230 QR

Sushi Grape Leaves

240 QR

My Fair Mix Bakery Box

Mix Croissant, Turkish Fillings, Chicken, Cheddar Cheese, Halloumi, Tortilla with Danish

350 QR

Croissant Box

90 QR

Milk Bread Box

80 QR

Arabic Breakfast Box

200 QR

French Breakfast Box

100 QR

Kilo Musakhan Roll Box

115 QR

Kilo Warqenab Box

80 QR

Kilo Sandwiches French Box

220 QR

Box Moskhan With Sauce

160 QR

Long French Sandwiches Box

230 QR

Box Fater El Danmarki

200 QR

Danish Mix Box

160 QR

Warqenab & Keba And Moskhan Long Box

250 QR

Mini Tortilla Box

200 QR

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