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Discover NAC, a gem in Doha, renowned for its exquisite menu. Whether youre seeking a culinary adventure or a comforting meal, NACs menu caters to all palates. From the fervor of Doha, NAC brings you an unforgettable dining experience right at your doorstep. Try NAC delivery for a gastronomic journey that exudes authenticity. Delve into the NAC Doha menu, designed for food connoisseurs who appreciate a blend of tradition and innovation. Why wait? Savour NAC Restaurants offerings today.

Best Selling


Beetroot Hummus & Feta

32 QR
Crushed Burrata, Cherry Tomato, Smoked Salt

65 QR
Torched Cauliflower, Sea Salt, Olive Oil

59 QR
Flamed Aubergine, Miso, Crispy Rice, Greek Yogurt

48 QR
Quinoa, Pomegranate, Baby Tomato, Lemon Confit Dressing

45 QR
Popcorn Chicken, Spicy Mayo

45 QR
Tuna Nicoise, Soft Boiled Egg, Green Beans

65 QR
Chicken Sliders

62 QR
Kale & Cabbage, Parmigiano, Pine Nuts, Golden Raisins, Honey Za’Atar Dressing

38 QR
Spicy Fried Egg

15 QR
Smoked Paprika Prawn

37 QR
Sumac Chicken

28 QR
Truffled Mac & Cheese

79 QR
Asparagus, Toasted Hazelnuts

39 QR
House Salad With Hazelnut Salt

29 QR

25 QR
Ribeye Steak With Bearnaise, Frites

159 QR
Sesame Salmon, Bok Choy

120 QR
Creamy Mushroom Risotto, Parmesan Crisps

79 QR