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Try Namma Veedu Vasanta Bhavan! a restaurant situated in Qatar and offers a variety of Indian, Beverages, Breakfast that is delivered throughout Al Wakrah municipalities in Qatar. Although they provide a variety of dishes and meals to pick from, their best-selling dishes include Sweet Lassi Users have rated the restaurant with a 4.6 and reviewed it 508 times. Order now and enjoy fast delivery with Snoonu within Optimum Time.

Best Selling


Sambar Idly

Hearty, satisfying, comforting and a healthy meal of soft fluffy idlis served with savory, spiced and lightly tangy sambar

15 QR
Poori With Potato Masala 3 Pieces

Potato masala is an excellent side dish for pooris. Serves 1.

13 QR
Mini Ghee Sambar Idly 14 Pieces

Mini idlies soaked in ghee sambar

15 QR
Mini Podi Idly 14 Pieces

Perfect starter, mini idli mixed with flavourful home made podi

15 QR
Idly 2 Pieces

A Soft & fluffy idly, popular as breakfast foods in Southern India

11 QR
Podi Idly 2 Pieces

Idli podi is condiment of spiced dry powder made with lentils and red chilies, a mixture of idli podi (milagai podi) and sesame oil or ghee is mixed and then smeared on the idlis.

14 QR
Mysore Masala Dosai

Appetizing Crispy Fried Dosa With Chilli And Garlic Chutney Spread On The Inside And Stuffed With A Potato Bhaji And Served With A South Indian Coconut Chutney.

17 QR
Butter Dosai

Butter Dosa Is Just One Of The Many Varieties Prevalent In The South Indian Cuisine; It Has A Thick Base Yet Is Thin And Crispy With The Butter

19 QR
Onion Masala Dosai

Fermented Crepe With Stuffing Of Mashed Potato And Finely Chopped Onion Topping Over The Dosa Serve Up With Piping Hot Sambar And Chutney!

17 QR
Ghee Roast

A Classic South Indian Breakfast Tiffin That Is Made With Fresh Homemade Idli Dosa Batter Along With Ghee.

17 QR
Podi Dosa

Podi Dosa Is A Spicy And Delicious Dosa Recipe With Idli Milagai Podi.

16 QR
Ghee Masala Dosai

A Delicious Variant Of Dosa, Prepared From The Usual Dosa Batter And Tangy Filling Of Masala Where Ghee Is Poured On The Batter After Spreading Along With Masala.

19 QR

A Thin, Spicy, Crispy Crêpe-Like Food Made From Fermented Rice

12 QR
Onion Dosai

Recipe With Finely Chopped Onion Topping Over The Dosa Which Gives The Plain Dosa A Very Yummy And Unique Flavor

16 QR
Masala Dosai

Variation Of The Popular South Indian Dosa Made From Rice, Spicy Potatoes, Served With Chutney, Sambar

15 QR
Medhu Vadai 2 Pc

South Indian Cuisine Made In A Doughnut Shape, With A Crispy Exterior And Soft Interior.

12 QR
Sambar Vadai 2 Pc

South Indian Recipe Prepared By Combining The Spiced And Flavoured Sambar With Medu Vada

14 QR
Mini Tiffin

Sweet, Idly (1), Mini Vadai, Mini Dosai, Mini Pongal, Poori (1)

24 QR
Tomato Podi Uthappam

Thick Pancakes Topped With Tomatoes And Chilly Powder; Served With Sambar And 2 Chutneys

22 QR