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Experience the magic of Nevermore from the comfort of your home in Qatar. Explore our full menu and take advantage of irresistible deals only at Snoonu. We pride ourselves on speedy delivery, ensuring your order arrives hot and fresh at your doorstep. Dive into a feast with Nevermore for a memorable dining experience. Dont wait, order now with Snoonu and indulge in the Nevermore extravaganza!

Best Selling


Burger Bucket

2 Burgers, Fries, Soft Drink

69 QR
Family Buckets

4 Burgers, 2 Starters, 2 Soft Drink

143 QR
Jalapeno Cheese Balls

Crispy jalapeno cheese balls are creamy, crunchy and burst with flavor.

32 QR
Buffalo Chicken Bites

Savor the bold kick of flavor in our Buffalo Chicken Bites—Crispy chicken bites coated in buffalo sauce.

28 QR
Fried Pickles

Batter Fried Pickle Chips

18 QR
Just Fries

House Blend Seasoning On Potato Rounds

14 QR
Chicken Bites

9 Pc Chicken Bites

23 QR
Loaded Fries

Our Signature Fries Topped With Nm Sauce, Crispy Onions, Cheese Sauce.

18 QR
Short Rib Balls

Fried balls coated with bread crumbs and stuffed with short ribs and cheese blend

35 QR
Spicy Maple Chicken Bites

Experience the flavors with our Spicy Maple Chicken Bites—crispy chicken bites coated with maple sauce , garnished with spring onions and zesty hint of lemon. Served with maple mayo sauce.

29 QR
BBQ Chicken Bites

Satisfy your cravings with our BBQ Chicken Bites—Crispy chicken bites coated in BBQ sauce, served with BBQ mayo.

28 QR
Honey Mustard Sauce

Sweet And Tangy

5 QR
Nm Sauce

Our Special Sauce

5 QR
Creamy Mushroom Sauce

6 QR
Nugget Sauce

Specially Made Sauce For Nuggets 4 Oz

5 QR
Cheese Burger Sauce

5 QR
Maple Mayo Sauce

Spicy mayo yet so flavorful

5 QR
Bbq Sauce

A Little Goes A Long Way

5 QR
Cheese Sauce

5 QR