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Green Salad

Healthy And Delicious - Made From A Variety Of Fresh Greens That Can Be Topped With A Dressing To Add Flavor And Nutrition. It'S A Great Option For A Light Lunch Or As A Side Dish To Complement Any Meal.

12 QR
Chicken Strips Wrap

Served With French Fries

14 QR
Chili Chicken Paratha

Paratha Filled With Chili Flavored Chicken.

5 QR
Nutella Shake

A Velvety Vanilla Ice Cream, Oozing With Rich And Nutty Nutella Spread, And Finished With A Sprinkle Of Chocolate Chips

16 QR
Crunchy Burger Combo

2 Crunchy Burgers, Cheese, Lettuce And Mayonnaise. Served With French Fries And Pepsi.

24 QR
Cheetos Special Pasta

26 QR
Shrimp Mushroom Pasta

26 QR
Cheetos Burger

Beef Burger With Cheetos.

25 QR
Lotus Chapati

Chapati With Lotus Spread.

6 QR
Breakfast Combo

Zinker Chapati 2 Pieces Beef Chapati 2 Pieces, Chicken Chapati 2 Pieces,Egg Chapati 2 Pieces

39 QR
Tender Coconut Shake

A Refreshing Shake Made With Tender Coconut Meat And Coconut Water.

15 QR
Chicken Mushroom Pasta

Pasta Dish With Chicken And Mushrooms In A Creamy Sauce.

25 QR

Made With Rice Ice Cream, Vermicelli Noodles, Topped With Sweet Syrup, It'S Perfect Drink For Hot Summer Days

15 QR
Francisco Sandwich

Grilled Chicken, Fresh Vegetables, And Creamy Sauces

7 QR
Spicy Classic Sandwich

Served With French Fries.

13 QR
Chilly Willy Classic Sandwich

Served With French Fries.

15 QR
Pepperoni Beef Burger

22 QR
Grilled Beef Burger

Juicy Grilled Beef Patty Nestled Between Soft Buns

18 QR
Beef And Cheese Sandwich

21 QR