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Discover the thrill of taste with Nitro T - your ultimate destination for flavor explosion! From our menu's diverse range to the unbeatable deals, every aspect is crafted to satisfy your cravings. Experience our speedy delivery service at Snoonu and let the delicious journey of Nitro T begin at your doorstep. Immerse yourself in the unique Nitro T experience and elevate your food journey. Ready to taste the difference? Order now through Snoonu. Dive into the world of Nitro T!

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Signature Soft Brownies With Dark Chocolate

15 QR
Chocolate Cookies

A Classic Treat.

12 QR
Strawberry Macchiato

Espresso - Strawberry - Vanilla Syrup - Your Choice Of Milk.

28 QR
Matcha Latte

Matcha - Honey - Choice Of Milk.

28 QR
Chai Latte

Chai - Espresso - Cinnamon - Choice Of Milk.

25 QR
Butterfly Latte

Butterfly Flower Iced Tea - Vanilla - Choice Of Milk.

28 QR
Earth Latte

Butterfly Latte - Matcha.

30 QR
Classic Lemonade

24 QR
Classic Ice Tea

24 QR
Chocolate Biscoff

Combination Of Chocolate, Biscoff Cookies. Creating A Delightful Harmony Of Textures And Tastes.

23 QR

Smooth Traditional Cheesecake Made Better With One Of Our Toppings.

20 QR

A Classic Italian Dessert Made With Layers Of Ladyfingers Soaked In Coffee, Mascarpone Cheese, And Cocoa Powder.

23 QR
Honey Cake

Moist And Tender Cake Containing The Natural Sweetness Of Honey.

23 QR
Tea Infusions

Discover The Harmony Of Flavors With Our Hot Tea Infusions - Choose Tea Type.

16 QR
Tea Lattes

Indulge In The Creamy Indulgence Of Our Hot Tea Lattes - Choose Tea Type - Choose Milk Type

18 QR

Embrace The Warmth Of Our Hot Tea Selection - Choose Tea Type.

8 QR
Basil Pesto Sauce

5 QR
Ceasar Mayo

5 QR
Creamy Balsamic Sauce

5 QR