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Noodles Wok - Savor the Best Noodles in Qatar at Our Restaurant Menu Discover the ultimate destination for noodle lovers at Noodles Wok. As the leading noodle restaurant in Qatar, we take pride in serving the most delicious and authentic noodle dishes that will satisfy your cravings. At Noodles Wok, we offer a wide variety of noodle options that are sure to please every palate.

Best Selling


Sharing Meal 3

2 Vegetable Noodles 1 Crab salad

99 QR
Sharing Meal 1

3 Vegetable Noodles

93 QR
Sharing Appetizer

1 crab salad, 1 shrimp toast, 1 vegetable spring rolls

85 QR
Sharing Meal 2

3  Vegetables Fried Rice

59 QR
Fried Rice Shrimp

Fried rice, vegetable and egg، shrimp

29 QR
Fried Rice Beef

Fried rice, beef, veggie and egg

26 QR
Vegetables Fried Rice

Fried rice, vegetable and egg

22 QR
Fried Rice Chicken

Fried rice, chicken, veggie and egg

24 QR
Builed your noodles

Create your special Noodles with your special ingredients.

32 QR
Kung Pao Noodles

Anise soy chili sauce, fresh veggies, peanuts, cilantro and noodles

32 QR
Sweet Mongolian Noodles

Sweet garlic sauce, fresh veggies, broccoli and noodles.

32 QR
Hong Kong Spice Noodles

18 spice curry blend, fresh veggies, peanuts , cilantro and noodles

32 QR
Singapore Noodles

Sriracha peanut sauce, fresh veggies, broccoli, cashews, cilantro and noodles

32 QR
Teriyaki Noodles

Classic caramelized sweet, tangy teriyaki sauce, fresh veggies, broccoli and noodles.

32 QR
Pad Thai Noodles

Pad thai sauce with your choice of noodles and vegitables.

32 QR
Fries With Cheese Sauce

Plain fries with cheese sauce on top

21 QR
Plain Fries

15 QR
Tokyo Chicken Sandwich

Juicy chicken tender, wasabi sauce, lollo rosso lettuce, lettuce and American cheese.

35 QR
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

37 QR