Noran Restaurant & Cafe

Delivery time

30-35 Min


3.59 km

Working hours

OpenUntil 10:30 pm



Best Selling

75 QR

Gosht Biryani

65 QR

Chelo Kabab-E-Torsh

198 QR

Mix Grill (Iranian) 2 Person

350 QR

Mix Grill Iranian 4 Person


Afghani Chicken

Incredibly moist and juicy and tender roasted chicken marinated with yogurt, kasoori methi (dried fenugreek leaves) and few spices.

55 QR

Tandoori Chicken

Roasted chicken marinated in yogurt and generously spiced. It is named for the cylindrical clay oven in which it is cooked, a tandoor.

55 QR


Chargrilled eggplant mixed with Yogurt

19 QR

Raita (Indian)

An Indian condiment consisting of yogurt, spices, and diced or grated vegetables. Raita is usually accompanied with biryani and kebabs.

19 QR

Burani Labo

Boiled beetroot mixed with yogurt & Fresh Labneh

19 QR


The Iranian classic yogurt with cucumber, dill, walnuts and dry mint

19 QR

Zaitoon Parvardeh

(Marinated Olives) Puree of green olives mixed with pomegranate syrup, olive oil, walnuts, Parsley, Garlic and coriander.

19 QR

Mix Appetizer (4 Person)

Mix cold appetizers for 4 person which includes of Hummus, Mutabal, Baba Ganoush, Zaitoon Parvardeh, Shirazi Salad and Tabbouleh

59 QR

Mix Appetizer (2 Person)

Mix cold appetizers for 2 person which includes Hummus, Mutabal, Baba Ganoush & Zaitoon Parvardeh

42 QR


A perfect blend of yogurt and fried spinach

19 QR

Mix Burani Appetizer

Mix Burani appetizers which includes Burani Labo, Burani-E-Badenjan, Burani-E-Esfenaj and Mast-O-Khayr

42 QR

Carrot Juice

Nutritious fresh juice made from fresh carrots

19 QR

Lemon Mint Juice

Nutritious fresh juice made from fresh Mint and Lemon.

19 QR

Apple Juice

Nutritious fresh juice made from fresh Apples.

19 QR

Orange Juice

Nutritious fresh juice made from fresh oranges.

19 QR

Qeema Batata

Tomatoes, Chick Peas and lamb stew, topped with crispy fried potatoes.

45 QR

Qeema Baidinjaan

Eggplant and chick peas stew with lamb.

45 QR

Lentil Gravy

Lentils and Iranian Spices.

29 QR

Bamiya Laham

Sauce of okra with pieces of cooked meat. spices. It will be served with Za'frani rice and irani bread from tanor.

49 QR

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