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Popcorn Keema Pav

Ahmedabadi Street Food, Sweet Corn And Cheese Bhurji Served With Peanut Thecha And Soft Pillow Bun Muska.

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Chicken Cafreal Momo

Pan-Seared Goan Chicken Momo Served In Highly Fiery Naga Chilly Odisha-Style Broth Melt-In-The-Mouth Consistency. Topped With Crispy Fried Onions, Cilantro And An Extra Drizzle Of Melted Ghee, We Serve It With House Special Sheermal, For A Sublime Culinary Experience.

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Amritsari Fish And Chips

Punjab’S Answer To The Famous British Street Food Of Fish N Chips, The Amritsari Fish N Chips Appeals To The Indian Palate With A Burst Of Flavours In Every Bite. Fresh Sole Fish Marinated In A Unique Blend Of Amritsari Spices, Kutti Mirch, Herbs, Jawan Etc, Is Coated In Chickpea Flour And Fried With Cold Pressed Mustard Oil, Giving It A Distinctive Pungent Aroma And Flavour. Served With Banana Chips And A Spicy, Creamy Achari Tartar Sauce.

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Goan Style Khow Suey Curry

Featuring Creamy Coconut Milk And Tamarind-Based Broth, Infused With A Choice Blend Of Spices & Aromatics, And Topped With An Assortment Of Vegetables, Noodles, Prawns, Scallops, Squids And Octopus And Egg.

38 QR
Malvani Sea Curry

Maharashtra Coastal Konkani Style Is Famous For Its Rich Aromatic Coconut Milk, Chilli, Curry Leaves And Kokum-Infused Curry From A Little Sea Paradise.(Sear Fish Curry/ Prawns Curry)

38 QR
Goan Firey Sea Curry

Goan Staple Curry In Rich Aromatic Coconut Milk, Chilli, Curry Leaves And Kokum-Infused Curry’S From A Little Sea Paradise.(Sear Fish Curry/ Prawns Curry)

38 QR
Dates Malai Paneer Steak

Fresh Paneer Roulade Stuffed With Local Qatari Dates, Dry Fruits And Nuts And Served On A Bed Of Caramelized Onion And Chilli Gravy.

28 QR
Classic Kadhai Paneer

Classic Kadhai Masala Cooked With Bell Pepper Onion Finished With Plum Tomato Velouté Gravy.

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Palak Tadka Wala Pleasure

(Selection Of Any One Paneer/Vegan Silken Tofu/Olives Labneh Balls/Bocconcini Kofta) : Classic Curried Tadka Onion, Garlic, Cumin, Chilli, Asafoetida And Spices

28 QR
Broccoli Cheese Steak

Charcoal Smoked Marinated Broccoli Steak Stuffed With Smoked Scamorza, Tandoori Dum Aloo Served With Makhani Gravy.

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Oyster Milkey Mushroom Mutter Masala

Wild Forest Milky Mushroom And Green Peas Cooked With Onion Tomato Chopped Masala.

32 QR
Classic Butter Chicken

Smoky, Succulent Pieces Of Char-Grilled Chicken Tikka Are Cooked In The Classic Makhani Gravy, Fresh Cream, Hand-Churned White Makhan And Kasuri Methi.

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Five Spice Duck Curry

We Use Panch Phoran, The Indian Version Of The Five-Spice Powder, To Add New Layers Of Flavour To This Slow-Cooked Home-Style Coastal Duck Curry.

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Chutney Wala Egg Shakshuka

A Perfectly Cooked Sunny-Side-Up Egg Topped With The Fiery Onion, And Tomato Masala From Maharashtra Masala Finished With Dhaniya Pudina Ki Chutney And Served With A Butter Garlic Amritsari Kulcha.

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Jungali Laal Mass

A Slow-Cooked Spicy Curry Combining Tender And Delectable Chunks Of Mutton Infused With A Bouquet Of Rajasthani Spices.

38 QR
Nalli Nihari Stew 220Gm

From The Royal Kitchen Of The Mughals Cooked Mutton Trotter’S Stew

38 QR
Moroccan Musafir Ka Adalah

Saffari Mutton Cooked For Travellers By Chef Pillai

38 QR
Classic Mutton Rogan Josh

Tender Pieces Of Succulent Mutton Are Slow-Cooked In A Rich And Aromatic Blend Of Traditional Indian Spices, Creating A Symphony Of Flavours Of Kashmiri Cuisine That Embodies Culinary Excellence.

38 QR
Tandoori Roti Plain

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