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Experience the ultimate movie-going experience at Novo Cinemas! With our state-of-the-art facilities and unbeatable food options, your cinema experience will never be the same. At Novo Cinemas, we pride ourselves on offering a range of delicious food options that will satisfy all your cravings. From our mouthwatering popcorn to our delectable cinema snacks, we have something for everyone. Indulge in our 7-star menu, featuring gourmet dishes made with the finest ingredients.

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Edamame (Japanese Soya Beans)

35 QR
Crispy Chicken Strips

Boneless Crispy Chicken Served With French Fries And Bbq Sauce And Can Soft Drink

35 QR

Fried Cheese And Vegetable Served With Mint Chutney

25 QR
Grand Nachos

Tortilla Chips Served With Salsa Sauce, Cheddar Cheese And Jalapeno

39 QR
Popcorn Chicken

30 QR
Mac N Cheese

Served With Nacho Cheese

35 QR
Greek Salad

Iceberg Lettuce ,  Tomatoes,  Cucumber,  Green Capsicum,  Black Olives,  Feta Cheese,  Oregano, Lemon, Fresh  Lulu Rosa Lettuce, Purslane, Dressing

35 QR
Novo Premium Slider

Mini Crispy Chicken With Buffalo Sauce, Brisket Burger And Beef Burger Served With French Fries.

59 QR
Chapati Zinger Wrap

Chapati Bread With Crispy Chicken Strips, Lettuce Iceberg, Cheddar Cheese, Novo Sauce Served With French Fries

35 QR
Crunchy Hotdog

Beef Hotdog With Mustard Sauce, Mayonnaise, Ketchup Topped With Crushed Cheetos, Served With French Fries

40 QR
Chicken Quesadilla

Tortilla, Chicken Breast, Mixed Capsicum, Mushroom Mozzarella Cheese Served With French Fries

40 QR
Novo Burger

Beef Patty In Potato Bun With Lettuce, Tomato, Onion Topped With Novo Sauce Served With French Fries

49 QR
Mini Sliders

Mini Chicken Burger, Beef Burger, Fillet Steak Sandwich Served With French Fries

55 QR
Chapati Chicken Zinger

35 QR
Beef Hot Dog Sandwich

Beef Hotdog Sandwich Served With French Fries

35 QR
Popcorn Grande Salt

26 QR
Popcorn Grande Cheese

28 QR
Popcorn Grand Caramel

28 QR
Chicken Popcorn

Chicken Popcorn Served With French Fries

30 QR