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Discover the culinary delights of OBlaka, a unique dining experience in Doha. At OBlaka Restaurant, we offer an engaging menu filled with diverse, flavorful dishes. Indulge in our signature braised mushrooms or explore the spicy notes of Gochujang, a popular addition to our menu in Qatar. With OBlaka's quick and efficient delivery service, a taste of the extraordinary is never far away.

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Short Ribs Bao

Homemade Bao Dough With Pulled Short Rib Gochujang Aioli , Hoisin Sauce Topped With Japanese Crispy Green Peas And Julienned Scallion

55 QR
Truffle Wagyu Slider

Grilled WAGYU with truffle sauce white american cheese and aragula

74 QR
Salted Edamame

Edamami Tossed In Sea Salt

42 QR
Chilli Edamame

Edamame In Spicy Soy Glazed ,Tossed In Togarashi Powder

45 QR
Asian Shrimps Dumpling

Homemade Dumpling Dough Stuffed Asian Shrimps Mix Served With Gochujang Aioli And Sweet Spicy Gyoza Sauce

39 QR
Asian Short Ribs Dumpling

Homemade Dumpling Dough .Stuffed Asian Pulled Short Ribs Gochujang Aioli Sweet Spicy Gyoza Sauce

45 QR
Mac & Cheese Balls

Fried Mac And Cheese Ball Served With Warm Marinara Sauce, Pesto , Balsamic Glaze , Shaved Parmesan

48 QR
Cheesy Corn

Saute Sweet Corn In Cajun Cream ,Mozzarella Cheese ,Baked With Raclette Cheese Served With Nacho

49 QR
Wagyu Bites

Charcoal Grilled Wagyu Bites ,In Shoyu Tare, Mushroom Mix , Truffle Cream ,And Teriyaki Sauce

95 QR
Commando Fries

Freshly Cut House Fries Topped With Mixed Pepper Jack Cheddar Cheese Sauce ,Crispy Fried Onion , Jalapeno Topped With Special Sauce

45 QR
Rainbow Fries

Freshly Cut In-House Sweet Potato ,American Potato Topped With Japanese Crunch, Sesame Seeds With In-House Asian Aioli

43 QR
French Fries

French Fries With Special Spices Served With Ketchup

29 QR
Steak Fries

Steak Fries With Special Spices Served With Oblaka Sauce

35 QR
Truffle Fries

Crispy Golden Fries, Tossed In White Truffle Oil, Grated Parmesan,Dried Oregano Served With Special Truffle Sauce

42 QR
Asian Braised Short Ribs

Fried Rice In Soya Oyster Sauce Topped With 24Hrs Slow Cooked American Angus Short Ribs In Asian Braising Liquid, Ito Togarashi And Braising Jus

219 QR
Mashed Potato Short Ribs

24Hrs Braised Short Ribs In Asian Braising Liquid Served With Buttered Mashed Potato , Honey Braising Jus

199 QR
Bibim Bap

Wagyu Bulgogi Beef, With Sauteed Mixed Mushrooms Spinach And Zucchini Over Kimchi Fried Rice Topped With Over Easy Egg And Korean Spicy Sauce

189 QR
Truffle Wagyu Steak

Charcoal Flamed Wagyu Tenderloin Steak Served With Warm Potato Puree , Sauteed Mixed Mushrooms Truffle Cream Sauce

245 QR
Pepper Wagyu Ribeye Steak

Charcoal Flamed Wagyu Ribeye Served With Sauteed Crushed Potato With Black Olives,Cherry Tomato,Basil And Chili Flakes Pepper Corn Sauce

295 QR