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Welcome to Omi Aisha, where you can experience the authentic flavors of traditional food. Our restaurant is known for its rich and delicious menu, offering a wide variety of dishes that will satisfy your cravings for traditional cuisine. From mouthwatering tagines to savory couscous, our menu showcases the best of Aisha's culinary expertise. At Omi Aisha, we take pride in our exclusive deals and specialties that you won't find anywhere else.

Best Selling


Frozen Mix Sambosa Box 10 Dozen

210 QR
Frozen Samosa Zaatar Cheese 12 Pcs

30 QR
Egg Tomato

18 QR
Egg Mafiouh

18 QR

18 QR

18 QR

18 QR
Potato Egg

18 QR
Qatari Breakfast Box 1

65 QR
Oumi Asha Sweets Box

75 QR
Chapati Sandwich Box 20 Persons

5 sandwich kema, 5 sandwich egg, 5 sandwich egg cheese, 5 sandwich honey cheese

125 QR
Chapati Bread

2 QR
Honey & Cheese Chapati Sandwich

6 QR
Keema Chapati Sandwich

6 QR
Egg & Cheese Chapati Sandwich

6 QR
Cheese Chapati Sandwich

5 QR
Sambosa Cheese 6Pcs

Cheese Stuffing With Parsley And Dill

18 QR
Chicken Sambosa 6Pcs

Chicken Stuffing Mixed With Herbs

18 QR
Meat Sambosa 6Pcs

Meat Stuffing Mixed With Herbs

18 QR