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Immerse yourself in the vibrant flavors at One Love Restaurant, your new culinary haven in Qatar. Explore the diverse One Love Menu, filled with bold, authentic dishes that are sure to seduce your taste buds. With Snoonu, you can now order online and savor the best of what One Love has to offer. Fastest delivery, unbeatable deals, and a dining experience like no other - all at your fingertips. Dont just dream about it; make it a reality today with Snoonu!

Best Selling


Mozzarella Sticks

6 Pieces Of Mozzarella Sticks Served With Cocktail Sauce And Ranch Sauce.

29 QR
Fried Shrimps

6 Pieces Of Crispy Breaded Shrimps Served With Cocktail Sauce And Sweet Chili Sauce.

36 QR
Ciabatta Steak

Grilled Beef , Caramelised Onion , Mayonnaise , Fresh Tomato , And Gherkins Served In A Homemade Ciabatta Bread With Side Salad And French Fries

41 QR
Ciabatta Caprese

Fresh Mozzarella Cheese , Rocket Salad, Fresh Tomato , Sun Dried Tomato , Pesto Sauce, Served In Homemade Ciabatta Bread With Side Salad And French Fries

38 QR
Chicken Burger

Grilled Chicken Breast , Mayonnaise, Pesto Sauce , Fresh Tomato , Romaine Lettuce , Gherkins And Double Yellow Cheddar Cheese.

37 QR
Beef Burger

Gourmet Beef Patty, Mayonnaise , Fresh Tomato , Romaine Lettuce , Gherkins ,Onion And Double Yellow Cheddar Cheese

41 QR
Mushroom Risotto

Mix Wild Mushroom Risotto.

37 QR
Chicken Alfredo Pasta

Velvety Alfredo Sauce,Mushrooms,Italian Herbs,Topped Up With Parmesan Cheese.

41 QR
Lasagna Classic

Slow-Cooked Tomato And Beef Ragu ,Mozzarella Cheese And Parmesan Cheese, Layered With Eggs Pasta And Bechamel Sauce.

47 QR
Meatballs Spaghetti

Meatballs,Tomato Sauce And Parmesan Cheese.

42 QR
One Love Pasta

Oven Baked Fusilli Pasta , Chicken , Mushroom , Pink Sauce

48 QR
Grilled Chicken

Mashed Potato ,Fine Green Beans,In Tomato,Mushroom Sauce

57 QR
Pollo Milanese

Chicken Milanese Flattened Breast Of Chicken Pan Fried In Breadcrumbs With Side Rocca Salad And Spaghetti Tomato.

54 QR

Roasted Potato ,Cherry Tomato,Olives,Fine Green Beans,Baby Marrow ,Lemon Wedges

71 QR
Mignon Beef Fillet

Roasted Potato,Nine Tomatoes ,Rocket Salad ,Parmesan , Mushroom Sauce

79 QR

2 Pieces Of Crispy Chicken Breast , Mayonnaise,Pickles,Crispy Slaw,Served With French Fries.

35 QR
Niçoise Salad

Grilled Salmon With Green Beans,Tomato,Olives,Potato And Hard Boiled Eggs On A Bed Of Mixed Greens , Dressed With ………….

52 QR
Fattoush Salad

Romaine Lettuce , Rocca Salad , Fresh Tomato , Cucumber , Pomegranate Seed , Spring Onion , Red Radish , Crispy Croutons , Mint Leaves

33 QR
Lentil Soup

Made With A Blend Of Lentils, Vegetables , And Spices , It’S A Healthy And Satisfying Option.

24 QR