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Discover 'Pandomi', the finest merchant in Qatar, renowned for its exceptional service. At Pandomi, we are committed to delivering you a memorable shopping experience. From our wide-ranging menu to the best deals in town, we have got you covered. Looking for the best Oman chips price in Qatar? Look no further than Pandomi. Our quick and efficient delivery service ensures your orders reach your doorstep in no time. Embrace the Pandomi experience, and let us serve you with the best.

Best Selling


Pandomi Spaghetti

Our special mix sauce spaghetti with a zest of lime and vegetables ( corn and peppers )

40 QR
Chips Oman Pasta

Our Delicious Home Made Mix Sauce Pasta With Chips Oman, Pepper And Corn. Enough For One To Two People

43 QR
Small Pandomi

‏Pasta & indomie with our special sauce + vegetables ( Corn, Peppers ) ‏

30 QR
Special noodles

Our special spicy noodles with lime and veggies, *you should enjoy it with lettuce and lemon🥬 *

40 QR
Korean Style Pandomi

Our signature pandomi but with buldak SPICY carbonara ramen ' limited time only ' 1-2 person

49 QR
Medium Pandomi

Pasta & indomie with our special sauce + vegetables ( corn, Peppers ) 1-2 person

40 QR
Sour Corn

Sour Sweet Corn With Our Special Sauce

25 QR
Takis Pasta

Our special sauce pasta with takis and veggies . 1-2 person

45 QR
Kinza Lemon

6 QR