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Try Patisserie Suisse! a restaurant situated in Qatar and offers a variety of Qatari that is delivered throughout Al Markhiya, New Al Rayyan and Fereej Al Nasr municipalities in Qatar. They provide a variety of dishes and meals to pick from and order through Snoonu app. Users have rated the restaurant with a 4.7 and reviewed it 378 times. Order now and enjoy fast delivery with Snoonu within 15 minutes.

Best Selling


Rangina Box 600G

Flour, Dates, Cardamon Powder, Pistachio, Water.

50 QR
Ghoraybe Box 650G

Flour, Ghee, Milk, Sugar, Water, Pistachio.

60 QR
Dates Maamoul Box 800G

Semolina Flour, Ghee, Butter, Water, Dates.

70 QR
Maamoul Suisse Mix 750G

Flour, Sugar, Water, Malban, Dates.

60 QR
Maamoul Walnuts Box 700G

Semolina Flour, Ghee, Butter, Water, Sugar, Walnuts.

70 QR
Twister Sugar Box 250G

Flour, Butter, Vanilla, Sugar, Water, Mastic.

25 QR
Assorted Salted Tray 720G

Flour, Butter, Oregano, Cheese, Paprika, Sesame, Water and Salt.

80 QR
Petit Four Tray 1350G

Butter, Eggs , Cacao, Almond, Chocolate, Pistachio, Sugar, Water, Flour

130 QR
Maamoul Shamiyat Box 700G

Semolina Flour, Ghee, Flour, Butter, Sugar, Water, Pistachio, Dates, Almond.

70 QR
Twister Zaatar Box 250G

Flour, Butter, Water, Salt, Thyme.

25 QR
Choco Flakes 300G

Flour, Butter, Eggs, Chocolate, Water, Corn Flakes.

35 QR
Baklawa Mix Gold Box 900 G

Flour, Ghee, Starch, Milk, Sugar, Water, Pistachio, Cashew

90 QR
Caramel Mixed Nuts Box 500G

Mixed Nuts, Raisin, Sugar, Water, Oil, Lemon.

55 QR
Mixed Baklawa Oriental Tray 1.18 KG

Flour, Ghee, Cornflour, Milk, Sugar, Water, Pistachio, Cashew.

130 QR
Petit Four Gold Box 800gms

Butter, Eggs , Cacao, Almond, Chocolate, Pistachio, Sugar, Water, Flour

80 QR
Osmalia, Fresh Kashta (Plastic Plate) 1 KG

Kunafa Dough, Ghee, Fresh Kashta, Sugar Syrup.

90 QR
Basbousa Nuts(Plastic Plate) 1.00 KG

Semolina Flour, Ghee, Sugar Syrup, Coconut Powder, Hazelnuts.

60 QR
Mafrouka Pistachio (Plastic Plate) 1.00 KG

Pistachio Powder, Sugar, Butter, Rose Water, Fresh Kashta.

120 QR
Kunafa Nabulsiyah 1.00 KG

Cheese, Ghee, Flour, Sugar, Salt, Sugar Syrup

60 QR