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Welcome to Pizzeria Napoli, the home of authentic Italian pizza in Qatar. Our pizzeria stands out from the rest with our commitment to quality and taste. At Pizzeria Napoli, we believe in using only the freshest ingredients and traditional recipes to create mouthwatering pizzas that will transport you straight to the streets of Naples. What sets us apart is our dedication to delivering an exceptional pizza experience.

Best Selling


Penne Vegetables Pasta

Mushroom ,mixed bell peppers white onion ,garlic ,tomato sauce ,cooking cream ,broccoli ,parmesan cheese

35 QR
Penne Arabiata Pasta

Pasta with turkey ham, chili flakes ,tomato sauce

49 QR
Penne Pesto Pasta

Pesto sauce, olive oil, parmesan cheese, basil

49 QR
Chicken Fingers

chicken , ranch sauce ,dynamite sauce

25 QR
Don Camillo Pizza

Tuna, cherry tomato, onion, cheese, marinara sauce, garlic

43 QR
Pollo Pizza

Mix vegetables, turkey ham, pepperoni, cheese, marinara sauce

37 QR
Enta Pizza

Turkey, mushroom, & onion

47 QR
Margarita Pizza

Cheese & tomatoes sauce

29 QR
Vegetables Pizza

Mushroom ,broccoli ,spinach ,white onion ,mixed bell peppers , garlic ,oregano ,cheese

35 QR
Anglo Pizza

Pizza with tenderloin meat & olive

55 QR
Shrimp Pizza

Cheese, shrimp ,tomato sauce ,garlic , oregano

49 QR
Hawaiian Pizza

Turkey, pineapple, & cheese

43 QR