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Welcome to Pronto Cafe, your go-to destination for a quick and delicious dining experience in Qatar. As one of the most popular cafes in the area, we pride ourselves on our fast delivery service, extensive menu options, and unbeatable deals. At Pronto Cafe, we understand the importance of unique offerings, and that's why we specialize in serving up a variety of mouthwatering dishes that you won't find anywhere else.

Best Selling


Vine Leaves

Vine leaves with pomegranate molasses

25 QR

20 QR
Labneh With Pomegranate Molasses

Labneh with pomegranate molasses and walnuts

19 QR
Mini Cheese Platter

A variety of cheese with brioche bread and honey

25 QR
Asian Chicken Noodles

Chicken noodles with vegetables

40 QR
Steak With Mashed Potatoes

Tenderloin steak with mashed potatoes, corn and spinach

49 QR
Pink Sauce Pasta With Mashroom

Pasta with pink sauce, mushroom and mozzarella cheese

42 QR
Butter Chicken

Butter chicken served with white rice

45 QR
Chicken Caesar Salad

Caesar salad with grilled chicken, parmesan cheese and croutons

35 QR
Burrata salad

Paratha salad with spinach, cherry tomatoes and balsamic dressing

50 QR
Chicken Avocado Panini

Grilled Chicken, avocado, cheese and spinach in homemade panini bread

35 QR
Falafel Hummus Wrap

Falafel hummus wrap with grilled eggplant, tomato and tahinia sauce.

25 QR
Halloumi Sandwich

Grilled Halloumi, tomatoes, spinach, zaatar and spicy labneh sauce in homemade panini bread

35 QR
Spicy Tuna

Our prepared homemade brioch bread with tuna mix, jalapeno and pesto sauce

30 QR
Turkey Panini

Turkey with cheese, tomatoes, spinach in homemade panini bread.

30 QR
Red Bull

22 QR
Soft Drink

7 QR
Saffron Leche Cake

Saffron Leche cake ٍserved with saffron sauce

20 QR
Berry Ricotta Muffin

Berry's muffin and ricotta cheese

15 QR