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Qureshi Bukhara

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Welcome to Qureshi Bukhara, your go-to Indian restaurant in Doha! Indulge in the flavors of authentic Indian cuisine delivered right to your doorstep. As one of the top-rated restaurants in Doha, we take pride in offering a unique dining experience. At Qureshi Bukhara, we specialize in bringing you the finest Indian delicacies made with love and passion. Our menu is carefully crafted to showcase the rich flavors and spices of India, guaranteeing a truly memorable dining experience.

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Paneer Tikka

Kababs Of Fresh Cottage Cheese, Marinated In A Batter Of Cream, Gramflour, Ajwain And Yellow Chilies, Skewered And Grilled In The Earthen Oven.

55 QR
Dahi Ke Kabab

Hung Yoghurt Spiced And Flavoured With Fresh Herbs, Rolled & Deep Fried. Served With Kabab Masala

55 QR
Tandoori Salad

Onion, Capsicum, Tomatoes, Paneer And Pineapple Seasoned With A Spicy Mixture Of Chaat Masala, Yellow Chilies, Garam Masala, Black Cumin And Malt Vinegar. Skewered One After The Other, Sprinkled With Oil And Grilled In The Tandoor

55 QR
Tandoori Simla Mirch

Scooped Potatoes Stuffed With Potato Hash, Raisins And Cashew Nuts Mixed With Green Chilies, Green Coriander, Skewered And Roasted Over Charcoal Fire

55 QR
Tandoori Phool

Whole Cauliflower Seasoned With Yellow Chili, Chaat Masala, Lemon Juice And Ginger Garlic Coated With Ajwain, Flavoured Batter Of Gram Flour, Fried Then Skewered And Chargrilled

50 QR
Subz Seekh Kabab

Minced Spring Vegetables Combined With Ground Frontier Spices, Skewered And Cooked Over Glowing Coals

45 QR
Tandoori Aloo

Scooped Potatoes Stuffed With Potato Hash, Raisins And Cashew Nuts Mixed With Green Chilies, Green Coriander, Skewered And Roasted Over Charcoal Fire

50 QR
Tandoori Jhinga

Prawns Marinated In An Ajwain Flavoured Mixture Of Yoghurt, Red Chilies, Turmeric And Flavoured With “Garam Masala” Skewered And Roasted Over Charcoal Fire, Served With Lemon Wedges

95 QR
Jhinga Til Tinka

Prawns Marinated With Lemon Juice And Ginger Garlic Paste, Dipped In Batter Of Starch, Yellow Chilies And White Sesame, And Crumb Coated And Deep Fried, Served With Kabab Masala

95 QR
Fish Tikka

Boneless Cubes Of Fish Flavoured With Gram Flour, Spices, Ajwain And Grilled In The Tandoor

70 QR
Murgh Peshawari Tikka

Boneless Chicken Tikka Marinated With Yoghurt, Ginger Garlic Paste, Peshawari Masala And Malt Vinegar. Skewered And Grilled In Tandoor.

60 QR
Murgh Malai Kabab

Creamy Kabab Of Boneless Chicken Blended With Cream Cheese, Malt Vinegar And Green Coriander, Grilled In A Moderate Tandoor

65 QR
Reshmi Kabab

Tender Rolls Of Chicken Mince Spiced With Black Cumin, Blended With Cheese, Ginger, Garlic And Shahi Jeera, And Finally Chargrilled.

50 QR
Murgh Afghan

The “King Of Kabab” And The Best-Known Indian Delicacy. The Tastiest Way To Garam Barbeque Chicken. The Chicken Is Marinated In A Mixture Of Yoghurt, Malt Vinegar, Ginger-Garlic Paste, Lemon Juice, Red Chilies, Yellow Chilies, Turmeric And Garam Masala, Skewered And Cooked In The Tandoor. Served And Sprinkled With Kabab Masala

65 QR
Seekh Kabab

Tender Rolls Of Succulent Lamb Mince, Mixed With Ginger, Green Chilies And Coriander, Spiced With Royal Cumin And Saffron, Skewered And Grilled Over Charcoal Fire

65 QR
Green Salad

10 QR
Paneer Makhani

Paneer Cubes Sautéed In Fresh Tomato Puree Flavored With Fenugreek, Cream And Butter

55 QR
Paneer Khurchan

Juliennes Of Cottage Cheese Tossed With Shredded Onions, Capsicum, Tomatoes In A Tangy Masala And Finished With Lemon Juice

55 QR
Dal Qureshi Bukhara

A Harmonious Combination Of Black Lentils, Tomatoes, Ginger And Garlic Simmered Overnight On Slow Charcoal Fire And Finished With Cream, Served With A Dollop Of Unsalted Butter

40 QR