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Try Qure! a restaurant situated in Qatar and offers a variety of Salad, Healthy, Bowls that is delivered throughout Al Dafna, Al Qassar, Lusail, Onaiza and Pearl Qatar municipalities in Qatar. Although they provide a variety of dishes and meals to pick from, their best-selling dishes include Authentic Greek Yogurt, A Shot To Cure, Egg Sandwich and Cinnamon And Almond Granola Users have rated the restaurant with a 4.8 and reviewed it 19 times. Order now and enjoy fast delivery with Snoonu within 23 minutes

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Egg Tomato Sauce Cream Cheese Feta Cream Turkey Bacon Sourdough

48 QR
Eggs And Beef Bacon

Egg Beef Bacon Mushroom Potato Chips Onion Sourdough

46 QR
Salmon & Eggs

Egg Salmon Cream Cheese Spring Onion Garlic Sourdough

55 QR
Healthy Omlette

Egg White Smoked Turkey Mushroom Spring Onion Sourdough

44 QR
Choco Banana

Pancake Banana Chocolate Sauce Biscuit Crumbs

40 QR
Qure Classic

Pancake Honey Butter

40 QR
Pb & J

Pancake Peanut Butter Fig Dry Fig Jam Peanut Crumbs

40 QR
Creamy Pistachio

Pancake Crushed Pistachio Pistachio Cream

45 QR
Chicken Briam Sandwich

Chicken Tomato Sauce Grilled Vegetable Potato Chips Garlic Sourdough

55 QR
Chicken Club

Chicken Romaine Lettuce Tomato Mayonnaise Edam Cheese Turkey Bacon Sourdough French Fries

60 QR
Mediterranean Toast

Olive Paste Marinated Mix Cherry Tomatoes Feta Cream Garlic Sourdough Lettuce Fig Orange Dressing

55 QR
Koulouri Sandwich

Koulouri Bread Smoked Turkey Egg Cheese Cream Edam Cheese Parmesan Cheese Parmesan Cream

48 QR
Create Your Own Cripy Croissant

Design Your Custom Crispy Croissant By Selecting From These Options, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Red Chocolate, Pistach

18 QR
Berry Crispy Croissant

Buttercream, Strawberry, Blueberry And Crushed Pistachio

20 QR
Nutty Crispy Croissant

Praline Buttercream, Hazelnuts

20 QR
Qure’s Crispy Croissant

Honey And Zaatar.

18 QR
Strawberry Cheesecake Oats

Oats Almond Milk Honey Chia Seed Honey Strawberry Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese

35 QR
Apple Cinnamon Oats

Oats Cinnamon Almond Granola Almond Milk Honey Chia Seed Greek Yogurt Apple & Cinnamon

35 QR
Falafel Salad

Baked Falafel, Spicy Feta, Tzatziki, Arugula, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Cucumber

35 QR