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Welcome to R Three Lines, one of Qatar's premier dining destinations. With our commitment to excellence and passion for delicious cuisine, we stand out among the many restaurants in Qatar. Offering an extensive menu and exclusive deals, we guarantee a memorable dining experience. At R Three Lines, we take pride in our unique offerings. From our locally-sourced ingredients to our carefully crafted dishes, every bite is a testament to our dedication to quality.

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R three lines beef burger

sliced beef,cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, sliced tomato, pickles R three lines sauce.

22.5 QR


Beef Bacon Burger

25.75 QR


Beef Burger

Sliced chicken, Cheddar Cheese, R Three lines sauce

21 QR


R Three lines chicken burger

Sliced chicken,cheddar cheese fresh lettuce, R Three lines sauce

22.5 QR


Chicken Burger

Sliced Chicken, Cheddar Cheese, R Three lines sauce

21 QR
Cheesy Potato

Mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese scallop cheese, ranch sauce.

32 QR
Chicken Mushroom Potato

Chicken,Mushroom ,Jalapeno, Pickles,Broccoli,Corn,Lettuce ,Black Olives,Mozzarella Cheese,Hot Tomato Sauce,Cheddar Cheese,Ranch Sauce,France Sauce,Thousand Sauce

32 QR

Choose and enjoy chicken with Mexican flavour

32 QR
Pepperoni Potato

32 QR
chicken potato

chicken,broccoli,jalapeno,black olives,corn,pickles,hot sauce,lettuce,mozzarella cheese,ranch sauce,thousand island sauce,french sauce

30 QR
Veg Pasta

Mushroom,Broccoli,Black Olives,Green Pepper,Zucchini,Mozzarella cheese,R 3 Lines Sauce of your choice

37 QR
Sausage Veg Pasta

Sausage,mushroom,broccoli,green paper,zucchini,Mozzarella cheese,Three Line sauce of your Choice

38 QR
Chicken Veg Pasta

Chicken,broccoli mushroom green paper zucchini,Mozzarella cheese,3 Lines sauce of your Choice

39 QR
Mix Pasta

Chicken,Sausage,Shrimp, mushroom,broccoli,green paper,zucchini ,Mozzarella cheese,3 Lines Sauce of your choice

41 QR
Shrimp Veg Pasta

Shrimp,Vegetable,Mozzarella cheese,3 Lines sauce of your choice

41 QR

7 QR
R Three Line Fries

Beef bacon,Green paper, Cheddar cheese R three lines sauce

18 QR
Chicken Fries

25 QR
Onion Rings

15 QR