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Welcome to Rassasy Central Bakery, your go-to destination for the best sourdough bread in Qatar. At Rassasy, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and taste. Our artisan bakers use traditional techniques and locally-sourced ingredients to create a range of delicious, wholesome bread options. Discover the perfect loaf at Rassasy Central Bakery, where we offer a variety of breads to cater to your preferences.

Best Selling


Old School Raspberry Triffle

Triffle made of cake layers and cream with raspberry purée topped with fresh raspberry . Good for 12 portions

255 QR
Vanilla Choux 24 Pieces

It’s a pastry dough filled with our special vanilla custard

215 QR
Rahash Danish 9 Pieces

9 Pieces Of Danish Stuffed With Cream Cheese, Rahash And Soft Pistachios

180 QR
Musakhan Mini Croissant 20 Pieces

20 pcs of mini croissant stuffed with mouskhan chicken and sumac filling

180 QR
Mix Savory Croissant Box 9 Pieces

It’s a combination of savory croissants. Plain, zaatar , cheese

180 QR
Chocolate Danish 9 Pieces

Pieces Of Danish Stuffed With Chocolate Custard And Chocolate Chips

180 QR
Plain Croissant 9 Pieces

135 QR
Almond Croissant 9 Pieces

Flaky croissant with almond cream

220 QR
Cheese Croissant 9 Pieces

160 QR
Pain Au Chocolat 9 Pieces

150 QR
Zaatar Croissant 9 Pieces

Croissant stuffed with a mixture of thyme and olive oil

180 QR
Pistachio Croissant 9 Pieces

Flaky croissant with pistachio cream and pistachio pieces

230 QR
Mix Sweet Croissant Box 9 Pieces

It’s a combination of sweets croissants, almond, pistachio & chocolate

200 QR
Cheese Danish 9 Pieces

Laminated dough with custard and cheese and cinnamon sugar

170 QR
Mix Croissant 3 Pcs

Plain , zaatar , cheese

65 QR
Pistachio Croissant 3 Pcs

3 pcs of croissants filled with pistachio cream

75 QR
Plain Croissant 3 Pcs

Flaky plain croissant

45 QR
Zaatar Croissant 3 Pcs

Flaky zaatar croissant

60 QR
Cheese Croissant 3 Pcs

Flaky cheese croissant

55 QR