Reem Al Bawadi Premium

Delivery time

33-38 Min


4.56 km

Working hours

OpenUntil 11:59 pm



Best Selling

85 QR

Lebanese Kafta 375 Gm

130 QR

Fresh Fruits Platter Large

125 QR

Grilled Prawns 6 Pcs

200 QR

Lobster With Mushroom Cheese Sauce

105 QR

Fresh Fruits Platter Meduim

100 QR

Salmon Fillet 250 Gm

80 QR

Special Vine Leaves With Meat (450 G)


Okra With Oil

Okra Oil Olive and Tomatoes and Garlic

29 QR

Cauliflower With Tahina

35 QR

Hummus Beiruti

30 QR

Baba Ghannouj

Eggplant Grilled, Tomato, Green Pepper and Onion Served with Pomegranate Seed

30 QR

Lobya Bil Zeit

29 QR

Special Hummus Beetroot

30 QR

Eggplant Moutabal

30 QR

Yalange Vine Leaves

35 QR


30 QR

Mohammara Feta N Mint

35 QR

Hummus With Diced Lamb

30 QR


35 QR

Falafel 6 Pcs

6 Pieces Falafel with Sauce Tahini and Pickles 6

29 QR

Special Soujuk With Pomegrante Molasses

Dried Sausage Flavoured with Red Pepper Garlic and Salt Pan Fried and Balanced with Pomegranate Molasses

35 QR

Spicy Potatoes

Fried Potatoes with Coriander and Chilly Fried in a Hot Pan Until Flavours are Absorbed and Abundant

29 QR

Fried Cheese Sticks 5 Pcs

Lightly Breaded Deep Fried Sticks of Melted Cheese Mozzarella with Middle Eastern Salsa Dip 6 pieces

29 QR

Sambousek Cheese 4 Pcs

29 QR

Fried Kebbeh 4 Pcs

Pieces Stuffed with Lamb and Pine Nuts 4

35 QR

Hummus With Diced Lamb meat

30 QR

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