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Experience the culinary creations of Chef Pillai at Restaurant Chef Pillai in Doha. With a menu that combines traditional flavors with a modern twist, Chef Pillai offers a unique dining experience that will satisfy even the most discerning palates. From delectable seafood dishes like Fish Nirvana to authentic Kerala specialties like Pothichoru and Chatti Choru, each dish is crafted with care and attention to detail.

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Naimeen Nirvana

Chef Pillai Evolved The Traditional Meen Polichathu, A Kerala Delicacy, Into His Unique Signature Way Of Preparation Which Is Apty Named Nirvana. The Fish Is Delicately Pan Fried With A Marinated Masala And Then Gently Placed In A Banana Leaf Which Rests On A Hopper Pan Or Appam Chatti. The Coconut Milk Is Then Gently Poured Into It And Allowed To Cook. This Ensures The Fish Is Both Fried And Juicy, The Masalas Blending With The Coconut Milk, Ginger, Curry Leaves & Green Chillies.

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Chicken Nirvana

Chicken Undergoes The Very Same Process To Bring Out The Nirvana Flavours, Cooked In Chef Pillai’S Signature Process.

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Paneer Nirvana

For The Vegetarians, Paneer Gets To Bring Out The Flavours Of Nirvana Cooked In Chef Pillai’S Signature Process.

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Prawn Moili Pasta

The Popular Pasta Dish Gets A Chef Pillai Signature Makeover With A Kerala Moilee Touch. Pasta Is Cooked To Delicate Softness And Blends With The Prawns And Coconut Milk In A Dish That Retains The Legendary Flavours Of The Kerala Moilee. Fresh Ginger And Green Chillies Give It A Special Tang.

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Butter Chicken Nirvana

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Tandoori Mushroom

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Paneer Tikka

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Chilli Mushroom Dry

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Chilli Gobi Dry

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Paneer Chilli dry

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Urulai Roast

Homemade Spices,Hing And Chilli Powder Form A Delicious Recipes Wrapping Around Boiled Baby Potatoes

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Pazham Pori Chat

Ripened, Sundried Kerala Banana Slices Batter Fried And Blended With Honey Infused Yoghurt. Dressed With Imly Chutney Made With Tamarind, Dried Dates And Jaggery. Topped Off With A Traditional Mixture & Pomegranate Seeds.

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Paalkatti Corn Devilled Sauce

Grated Paneer & Corn Rolled Into Balls And Slow Sauteed In A Sri Lankan Spicy Devilled Sauce. Think Saucy, Sweet, Hot, Spicy, Tangy…

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Koonu Macroni Poriyal

A Classic Dry Fusion Dish To Start Off With. Fresh Mushrooms Are Fused With Macaroni In A Special Kerala Spice Mix That Is Sure To Kick Start Your Appetite.

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Perakka Manga

Inspired By Nostalgic Schooldays When Kids Relished Crushed Mangoes With Salt, Chilli Powder And Shallots With A Dash Of Oil. Here The Guava Or Perakka Is Added Equally To The Mango To Make This A Unique Kerala Salad, That Is Sure To Kick Off Childhood Memories.

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Red Bean Pineapple Salad

Its a refreshing and vibrant dish that combines the creamy texture of red beans with the sweet and tangy flavors of pineapple.This typicaly consists of cooked red beans ,diced pineapple and varities of aditional ingredients such as cucumber ,bellpepper ,red onions nad ciliantro all tossed in a light cocktail dressing

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Watermelon Sambal

Originated From The Island Of Sri Lanka,Chef Pillai Adds His Special Touch To This All Season Salad Chiller. Water Melon Balls Are Mixed With Shallots ,Shredded Coconuts And Green Chillies And Rounded Off With Lemon Juice

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Ellum Kappayum

A Delicacy In The High Ranges Of Kerala. Here, Beef Bones Are Slow Cooked With Kappa And Then Finally Topped With Roasted Bone Marrow Or Majja.

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Meen Thenga Porippu

A popular starter dish in the North Malabar homes of Kerala. Fresh Seer/King Fish is masala fried and then slow roasted with coconut laced with shallots, fennel seeds to make a great fish starter.

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