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Meal for Two - Sandwiches

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Chicken Burger

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Meal for Two - Mains

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Teriyaki Salmon Donburi


Avocado on Toast

( Cal: 239 Pro:7.63g Fat:10.45g Carb:31.21g ) Toasted sourdough topped with basil avocado mash, charred cherry tomato, baby spinach, crumbled feta, super seeds, and served with a lemon wedge.

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3-Egg Omelette with Toast

( Cal: 381 Pro:23.23g Fat:19.11g Carb:27.41g ) 3 Eggs, cherry tomato and baby spinach on sourdough toast.

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Breakfast Burrito

( Cal: 514.35 Pro:28.3g Fat:29.91g Carb:33.3g ) Scrambled eggs, chilli con carne, red cheddar, basil avocado mash and spinach, wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.

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Summer Rolls

( Cal:99 Pro: 2.56g Fat:1.51g Carb:18.61g ) Sprouts, carrots, cucumber, ginger, cabbage and spring onions wrapped in a rice paper and served with a sweet and spicy peanut dip.

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Baked Edamame served with your choice of sea salt & pepper or chili lime.

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Cajun Broccoli and Baby Carrots

( Cal:75 Pro: 1.44g Fat:3.02g Carb:9.95g ) Steamed baby carrots and broccoli with Cajun spices.

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Roasted Potato Chips

Cal:143 Pro: 1.9g Fat:4.8g Carb:21.9g ) Skin on, oven roasted.

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Lentil Soup

( Cal:152 Pro: 8.76g Fat:3.75g Carb: 21.9g ) Lightly spiced red lentils simmered with carrots and leeks

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Chicken & Oats Soup

( Cal:160 Pro: 14.72g Fat:4.84g Carb:14.52g ) Fresh spring veggies, all white shredded chicken breasts and a spoonful of oats, slowly simmered and delicately spiced.

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Meal for Two - Sandwiches

Choose from Salad Bowls, Sides, Soups, Sandwiches or Burgers

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Meal for One - Sandwiches

Choose from Sandwiches, Burgers, Sides & Soups )

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Tandoori Chicken Wrap

(Cal: 348 Pro: 31.96g Fat: 7.80g Carb: 35.49g ) Tandoori chicken breast and shredded vegetables with yoghurt and mint spread in a whole wheat wrap.

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Chicken Quesadillas

(Cal: 380, Pro: 33.15, Fat: 8.57g, Carb: 37.65g) Fajita Chicken, caramelized peppers, corn and onions with cheddar cheese folded in a whole wheat tortilla

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Lean and Mean Beef Shawarma

(Cal:438 Pro: 36.18g Fat:13.27g Carb:19.74g ) Tender beef shawarma strips, tahini sauce, pickles, tomatoes, onions and parsley slaw, wrapped in our homemade markouk bread

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Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich

(Cal:550 Pro: 39.34g Fat:19.66g Carb:58.78g ) Toasted whole-wheat baguette stuffed with tenderloin beef strips, grilled onions, sauteed mushrooms, mixed peppers and some mild cheddar

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Avocado and Kale Chicken Caesar

(Cal:453 Pro: 34.13g Fat:14.44g Carb:45.96g ) Grilled chicken, avocado and kale tossed in our no mayo Greek yogurt caesar on toasted multi-seed sourdough.

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Buffalo Chicken Wrap

(Cal:414 Pro: 36.98g Fat:14.25g Carb: 34.60g ) Buffalo marinated chicken strips, cheddar, kale and cool ranch wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.

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Chicken Burger

( Cal:397 Pro: 30.43g Fat:9.64g Carb:48.7g ) (Potato Chips : Cal:143 Pro:1.9g Fat:4.8g Carb: 21.9g ) Grilled marinated chicken fillet, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles with a smear of light mustard-mayo on our whole-wheat bun, served with potato chips

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Meal for One - Salad Bowls

Choose from Salad Bowls, Mains, Sides & Soups)

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