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Indulge in the exquisite flavors of Saadeddin Sweets, the ultimate destination for authentic pastries in Qatar. With a rich heritage and a commitment to culinary excellence, Saadeddin Sweets offers a wide range of delectable treats that will satisfy even the most discerning palates. Our pastries are meticulously crafted using traditional recipes and the finest ingredients, ensuring every bite is a burst of flavor and freshness.

Best Selling


Small Assorted Citrus Box Salty Snacks 590g

54 QR
Rocky Road White Chocolate Box 1/2 Kg

65 QR
Almond Rocher Chocolate - Blue 500grams

90 QR
Almond Rocher Chocolate - Blue 250g

45 QR
B 500 Coffee Sweet Box 710g

95 QR
Rocher Square Chocolate - Brown 250g

45 QR
Assorted Rocher Chocolate 380g

Hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds, peanuts and feuilltine

69 QR
Hazelnut Rocher Chocolate - Gold 500grams

90 QR
Hazelnut Rocher Chocolate - Gold 250g

45 QR
Soiree Chocolate (Assorted Coffee Sweets) 500g

Assorted coffee sweets with almond cream, coconut, lotus and oreo

80 QR
Truffles Chocolate 625g

135 QR
Assorted Baklava Large 1080g

Assia baklava (pistachio and cashew), red crystal, pistachio and cashew

150 QR
Tamria Deluxe Small 460g

70 QR
Choco Dragee Large 480g

Hazelnut dragee, almond dragee, chocolate wafer and chocolate hazelnut nuts

125 QR
Petit Four Sable Chocolate Dipped 670g

Assorted sable box chocolate dip with fillings of almond cream, pistachio cream, caramel, lotus cream and nutella

68 QR
Roches Pecan Caramelized 500grams

95 QR
Pure White Chocolate 500grams

95 QR
Pure White Chocolate 250grams

48 QR
Salted Mixed Nuts Small 140g

24 QR