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Dive into the authentic flavors of Yemen at Sanaa Restaurant, a jewel in the heart of Souq Waqif. As a popular Yemeni restaurant in Souq Waqif, Sanaa invites you to explore its exciting menu filled with traditional dishes like zurbiyan rice, burma, madhoot, and matluda. Savor the tastes of Yemen through our Sanaa Restaurant Souq Waqif menu, captured beautifully in our Sanaa Restaurant Souq Waqif photos.


Beans Plate

A popular street food with Beans, Tomatoes and Onions

15 QR
Egg Shakshuka

An African and Middle Eastern meal of poached eggs in a simmering tomato sauce with spices

15 QR

National dish of Yemen, a hearty slew made of Vegetables & Egg

25 QR

A Yemeni stew prepared with meat and vegetables.

25 QR
Egg Oven

A thick Yemeni egg dish made in oven

15 QR
Chicken Oqdah

Shredded chicken cooked with vegetables and seasoned spices.

15 QR
Mutton Oqdah

Shredded mutton cooked with vegetables and seasoned spices.

25 QR
Mutton Muqalqal

Yummy Yemeni dish prepared in special spices with meat and vegetables.

25 QR
Liver Plate

A nutritionally dense delicious Arabic food prepared with liver and vegetables.

20 QR
Dates Fateh

Yemeni croutons, mixed with fates and enriched butter.

14 QR
Masoop Malaki

A banana and honey wholehearted pudding.

17 QR

A sweet dish made of crushed bread mixed with squashed dates, cream and honey.

17 QR

5 QR
Bread With Honey

7 QR
Meat Haneed

A slow-roasted mutton dish from Yemen cooked in a tandoor oven with a unique spice rub served with rice.

55 QR

3 QR

3 QR
Mineral Water

2 QR
Seven Up

3 QR