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Best Selling


Afternoon Tea

mix of selected sweets and salty items, served with English tea

235 QR
Salty Afternoon Selection

25 Pices of different sandwich and fatayer

220 QR
Egg With Mushroom Sandwich

25 QR
Chicken Musakhan

25 QR
Egg And Mayo Sandwich

25 QR
Falafel Sandwich

25 QR
Shakshuka Sandwich With Special Sauce

25 QR
Mushroom Sandwich With Eggs And Cheese

25 QR
Mini Hospitality Sandwiches 

100 QR
Mini Mix Kaiser Bread

100 QR
Mix Pillow Sandwiches

120 QR
Wardat Sandwiches

160 QR
Steak Mushroom Sauce With Mushed Potato

75 QR
Alfredo Pasta

45 QR
Mini Tuna With Mayonnaise

30 QR
Mini Zaater

30 QR
Mini Pizza

48 QR
Laham Ajeen

12 QR
Mixed Cheese Pie

11 QR