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Experience the culinary delights of the Shiraz Garden Restaurant right from your home. Browse through the extensive Shiraz Garden Menu, brimming with exotic flavors and traditional dishes that tell a story. Shiraz Garden, a gastronomic paradise in Qatar, assures prompt delivery of your favorite meals. With Snoonus reliable service, relish the hearty meals at your doorstep. Dont wait! Dive into the culinary journey now and order from Shiraz Garden through Snoonu.

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Shrimp Tartar

Fried shrimp with tartar sauce.

43 QR

Chickpeas puree with tahini, garlic, lemon juice.

16 QR
Mirza Ghassemi

Puree of eggplant, tomato, egg and garlic.

23 QR

Sauteed spinach with eggs.

18 QR
Kashk Bademjan

Puree of eggplant, onion, topped with dried yogurt, olive oil, mint and walnuts.

28 QR

Roasted eggplant puree with tahini, garlic, labneh, lemon juice.

16 QR
Soup -E- Adas

Lentil soup with parsley & tomato

17 QR
Ash -E- Reshteh

Noodles, lentils, kidney beans, spinach, dried yogurt.

17 QR
Chelo Khoresht Bamieh

Okra stew with lamb, tomato, onion served with rice.

58 QR
Chelo Khoresht Gheyme Bademjan

Yellow lentil stew with lamb and tomato, served with fried eggplant and rice.

58 QR
Chelo Khoresht Ghorme Sabzy

Lamb, red kidney bean, spinach stew with coriander, onion, dried lemon served with rice.

63 QR
Sabzi Polo Ba Mahi

Fried or grilled hammour with vegetable rice

64 QR
Zereshk Polo Ba Morgh

Chicken in tomato & Onion, served with Rice, topped with pistachio, Fried barberry & saffron

57 QR
Shiraz Mixed Grill With Seafood

Minced lamb meat, beef marinated chicken, shrimp and hammour.

119 QR


Shiraz Mixed Grill

Minced lamb meat, beef and marinated chicken.

87 QR
Joujeh Kebab Masty

Boneless chicken marinated in yogurt and black pepper served with vegetable and your choice of side dish.

58 QR
Kebab Chenje

Beef chunks marinated with onions served with vegetable and your choice of side dish.

69 QR
Kebab Sultani

Selection of minced lamb and beef fillet served with vegetable and your choice of side dish.

82 QR
Kebab Kubideh

Minced lamb meat served with vegetable and your choice of side dish.

59 QR