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Indulge in the authentic flavors of Persian cuisine at Shiraz Palace, an esteemed restaurant in Qatar. As one of the leading establishments in the country, Shiraz Palace offers a unique dining experience that showcases the rich culinary heritage of Iran. At Shiraz Palace, we take pride in our fine selection of traditional dishes prepared with the finest ingredients.

Best Selling


Shirazi Salad

Cut vegetables with Iranian Spices.

15 QR
Yoghurt Cucumber

10 QR

20 QR

20 QR

20 QR
Baba Ghanouj

20 QR
Olive Salad

20 QR
Meat Kobida

2 skewers of chopped meat and soaked in iranian spice.

60 QR
Mixed Grilled 4 Persons

8 sticks (2 sticks Kobida Meat, 2 stick Kabab Shiraz, 2 Kobida Chicken, 1 Jooja Zafron, 1 Jooja Rob)

190 QR
Mixed Grilled 6 Persons

12 sticks ( 3 Kobida Meat, 3 Kabab Shiraz, 2 Kobida Chicken, 2 Jooja Zafron, 2 Jooja Rob)

280 QR
Jooja Rob

Pieces of soft chicken breast soaked in yogurt And Iranian Spices and Grilled on charcoal.

60 QR
Jooja Zaffron

Pieces of soft chicken breast dipped in saffron and Iranian spices.

60 QR
Chicken Kobida

Minced chicken seasoned with Iranian spices.

60 QR
Shiraz Sultani Chicken

A skewer of minced chicken with a piece of chicken steak in the iranian Spices.

65 QR
Kobida Negin Dar

Skewers of minced meat covered with chicken breast and spiced with Iranian Spices.

65 QR
Chicken On Coal

Half of the chicken seasoned with Iranian Spices and Grilled on Charcoal

40 QR
Qima Eggplant

Eggplant sauce with Meat and Lentils. It will served with Za'frani rice and irani bread from tanor.

45 QR
Qorma Sabzi

Mutton cooked with spinach and iranian spices. It will be served with Zafrani rice and tanor bread .

45 QR

Soup of legumes and vegetables with noodles cooked with Iranian Spices.

25 QR