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Experience the irresistible flavors of Shirvan Metisse, the ultimate destination for authentic culinary delights in Doha. With our unique blend of Azerbaijani and Mediterranean cuisine, we bring you a dining experience like no other. At Shirvan Metisse, we take pride in our unique selling point - the fusion of traditional Azerbaijani recipes with the freshest Mediterranean ingredients.

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22 QR
Truffle Naan

88 QR
Pita Frina

24 QR
Black Hummus

48 QR
Et Qutab

Azeri grilled bread stuffed with lamb, onions, sumac

48 QR
Shirvan Tacos

57 QR
The Inimitable Roasted Cauliflower

58 QR
Göy Qutab

Azeri bread stuffed with fresh herbs & onions

35 QR
Shirvan Lamb Buns

58 QR
Lobster Buns

68 QR
Red Tuna Tartare

130 QR
Kofta Pasta

138 QR
Lamb Chops Marinated

With Homemade Harissa

182 QR
Lobster Pasta

245 QR
Tandoori Roasted Chicken

164 QR
Lobster Pastilla

336 QR
Massala Seabream

192 QR
Octopus Couscous

Octopus couscous with served vegetables

189 QR
Shirvan Nan Burger

138 QR