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Mutton Keema Kabab

Favorful Ground Mutton Meat Croquettes, Seasoned With Warm Indian Spices, Then Grilled In Tandoor Oven

33 QR
Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka Are Boneless Pieces Of Chicken, Marinated In Spiced Yogurt, Threaded On A Metal Skewer And Cooked In Tandoor Oven

23 QR
Chicken Malay Boti

Grilled Chicken Dish, Which Is Extremely Creamy In Taste. It Has Cream Cheese, Heavy Cream, Yogurt, And A Lot Of Spices

23 QR
Kari Pokra

Creamy And Tart From Using Full Fat Yogurt And Lemon Juice.

25 QR
Punjabi Poratta

Aloo Paratha Is A Delicious Shallow Fried Stuffed Bread

3 QR
Egg Omlette

Egg And Spices

9 QR
Lahori Chana

Chick Peas Cooked With Mix Of Herbal Spices.

15 QR
Potato Paratha

Potato Stuffed Flatbread

5 QR
Brain Masala

Scrumptious Food Made With Either Goat Brain

25 QR
Egg Shami Burger

Shami Kabab Burger, With The Imli (Tamarind) And Mayo Garlic Sauce

10 QR
Chicken Dum Biryani

25 QR
Fresh Chicken Karahi

Chicken Karahi Is Made In Ghee With The Main Ingredients Of Fresh Chicken Meat, Tomato Chilies, Herbs And Spices And Ginger.

20 QR
Fresh Mutton Karahi

Mutton Karahi Is Made In Ghee With The Main Ingredients Of Fresh Fresh Mutton Meat, Tomato Chilies, Herbs And Spices And Ginger.

30 QR
Mutton Shanwari

Authentic Recipe Straight From The Shinwari Tribes. Succulent, Tender Pieces Of Lamb Flavoured With Black Pepper And Yoghurt

30 QR
Chicken Shanwari

Shinwari Style Karahi, Cooked With Fresh Ginger And Tomatoes, Serrano Peppers, And Other Traditional Spices & Herbs

60 QR
Chicken Makhani

Made By Simmering Marinated & Grilled Chicken -Tandoori Chicken-In A Spicy, Aromatic, Buttery And Creamy Tomato Gravy

30 QR
Chicken Tikka Handi

Pieces Of Chicken Marinated In Yogurt. Cooked With Cardamoms, Fried Onions And Masalas To Make An Exquisite Dish.

50 QR
Mineral Water

2 QR
Pepsi With Ice

Pepsi With Glass Full Of Ice

5 QR