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sarayi, Turkish pastries, and pies. Whether you're craving a savory treat or a sweet delight, we have something to satisfy every taste bud. Imagine starting your day with our Mini Breakfast, a delightful combination of simit, olives, cheese, and a selection of spreads. The crispy roll with feta cheese will melt in your mouth, while the soft bagel with kashkaval cheese will transport you to the streets of Istanbul. And who can resist the irresistible crispy roll with potato, filled with a savory potato filling that will leave you craving for more? But what sets Simit Sarayi apart is not just our delicious food. It's the convenience of our delivery service through Snoonu. With just a few taps on your phone, you can have the flavors of Turkey delivered straight to your doorstep. Our delivery areas cover Al Duhail, Al Gharrafa, and Al Jelaiah, ensuring that no matter where you are in Qatar, you can enjoy the taste of Simit Sarayi. And don't just take our word for it. Our Snoonu rating of 4.1 speaks volumes about the satisfaction and trust of our customers. We pride ourselves on providing a dining experience that is not only delicious but also safe and authentic. So why wait? Treat yourself to the flavors of Turkey with Simit Sarayi. Indulge in our diverse cuisine, experience our convenient delivery service, and savor the taste of authenticity. Order now through Snoonu and let us bring the best of Simit Sarayi to your doorstep.

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Sultan Breakfast

Cheddar Cheese 30g - 3pcs Kashkaval Cheese 36g - 3pcs Feta Cheese 36g - 2pcs Edam Cheese 35g - 6pcs Salami 24g - 4pcs Turkey Ham 44g - 3pcs Beef Mortadella 60g - 3pcs Chicken Mortadella 60g - 3pcs Lettuce 3g Red Grapes 100g Strawberry 40g - 2pcs Dried Apricot 50g - 6pcs Walnut 10g Grilled Green Olive 50g - 9pcs Labneh 2tbsp - 40g Orange Sliced 40g - 2sliced Zatar Powder Pinch Simit 3pcs

160 QR
Turkish Breakfast For 2

Cheddar Cheese 20g - 2pcs Kashkaval Cheese 24g - 2pcs Feta Cheese 36g - 2pcs Edam Cheese 35g - 6pcs Turkey Ham 28g - 2pcs Beef Mortadella 40g - 2pcs Chicken Mortadella 40g - 2pcs Lettuce 3g Strawberry 40g - 2pcs Red Grapes 100g Walnut 10g Dried Apricot 50g - 6pcs Orange Sliced 40g - 2sliced Grilled Green Olive 50g - 9pcs Labneh 40g - 2tbsp Zatar Powder Pinch Simit 2pcs

120 QR
Turkish Breakfast For 1

Cheddar Cheese 10g - 1pc Kashkaval Cheese 12g - 1pc Feta Cheese 18g - 1pc Beef Mortadella 40g -2pcs Chicken Mortadella 40g -2pcs Red Grapes 100g Strawberry 20g - 1pc Walnut 10g Dried Apricot 25g - 3pcs Orange Sliced 40g - 2sliced Lettuce 3g Sliced Cucumber 45g - 4pcs Sliced Tomato 50g - 4pcs Simit 1pc Turkish Tea 1 Glass

80 QR
Mini Breakfast

Fried Egg, Beef Salami, Vegetables, Green & Black Olives, Small Jams, Slice Cheese, Serve With Turkish Simit & Tea.

40 QR
Cheese Plate

25 QR
Chicken Saute

40 QR
Beef Saute

40 QR
Fried Soujouk

25 QR
Simit Scrambled Eggs

Simit scramble eggs, serve with simit bread

32 QR
Turkish Fried Eggs With Cured Meats

Turkish Fried Eggs With Cured Meats, Serve With Simit Bread

40 QR
Simit Fried Eggs

Simit Fried Eggs, Serve With Simit Bread

32 QR
Turkish Fried Eggs With Sujuk

Turkish Fried Eggs With Sujuk, Serve With Simit.

40 QR
Fried Eggs With Soujouk

Served With Simit

33 QR
Scrambled Egg

Served With Simit

28 QR

Served With Tomatoes And Cucumber

25 QR
Simit Bread

Traditional Turkish Bread Encrusted With Sesame Seeds

10 QR
Simit With Kashkaval Cheese

22 QR
Simit With Feta Cheese

25 QR
Simit With Chocolate

16 QR