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Best Selling

62 QR

Pepperoni Pizza - Thin Crust

50 QR

Margarita Pizza - Thin Crust

28 QR

Chicken Ranch Pizza

30 QR

Pepperoni Pizza

30 QR

Hot Chicken Wings


Fiji Water 330Ml

6 QR

French Toast With Caramel Sauce

Specialty toasted bread with caramel sauce

45 QR

French Toast With Nutella Sauce

Toasted bread with special milk batter serving with nutella sauce

45 QR

Fries Mix

Seasoned potato wedges,bell pepper sauce,ranch sauce

28 QR

Hot Chicken Wings

Flour,salt,cajun spices,paprika powder,egg,corn flour,chicken wings,olive oil,butter,buffalo sauce,sesame seeds

30 QR

Jalapeño Risotto Balls

Risotto rice,portabella mashroom,oyster mashroom,buttom mashroom,parmesan cheese,salt,olive oil,water,jelapino chopped,chedar cheese sauce,chedar cheese,mozzeralla cheese,boiled chicken,egg,flour,corn floor,breadcrums

28 QR

Chicken Bites

Cajun spices,paprika powder,salt,cheetos powder,breadcrumbs,egg,flour,boneless chicken,buffalo sauce,ranch sauce

25 QR

Mozzarella Sticks

Mozzarella cheese,egg,flour,breadcrumbs,origano,bell pepper sauce

22 QR

Mac & Cheese Cheesy

Onion chopped,olive oil,Garlic Sauce,Pasta,Mozzarella cheese, Cheddar cheese Sauce,Cooking cream,Salt,Pepper,Cheetos powder

40 QR

Chicken Mac & Cheese

Onion choped,olive oil,Garlic choped,Pasta,Mozzarella cheese, Chedar cheese Sauce,Cooking cream,Salt,Pepper,Oregano powder,Grilled chicken

45 QR


Black drinks,strawberry syrup,sliced lemon,mint leaves,chopped strawberry,sliced strawberry

28 QR


Black drinks,strawberry syrup

28 QR


Black drinks,coconut syrup,sliced lemon,mint leaves,lime juice

28 QR


Black drinks,passion fruit syrup,sliced lemon,mint leaves,passion fruit seeds

28 QR

Chicken Ranch Pizza - Thin Crust

Pizza flour,tomato sauce,honey,cheese,grilled chicken,ranch sauce,jalapeno sauce ,olive oil ,salt,water,yeast

58 QR

Mushroom Pizza - Thin Crust

Pizza flour,tomato sauce,honey,cheese,mushroom 3 types,olive oil,salt,water

54 QR

Pepperoni Pizza - Thin Crust

Pizza flour,tomato sauce,honey,cheese,pepperoni ,olive oil,salt,water,yeast

62 QR

Margarita Pizza - Thin Crust

Pizza flour, tomato sauce, honey, cheese, oregano, rocket leaves olive oil, salt, yeast, water

50 QR

Margarita Pizza

Tomato sauce,cheese,oregano,pizza flour ,olive oil,salt,yeast,water

24 QR

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