Soki Fusion

Delivery time

25-30 Min


1.32 km

Working hours

OpenUntil 11:30 pm



Best Selling

50 QR

Kani Salad

210 QR

Sushi Boat Platter 40 - 45 Pcs Sushi

245 QR

Sushi Round Platter 50 - 55 Pcs Sushi

35 QR

Spicy Tempura Sushi Roll 8 Pieces


Kani Salad

Crab Stick,cucumber,carrots, green onion,orange tobiko, furikake

50 QR

Soki Fruity Salad

Iceberg lettuce,avocado,mango, cherry tomato,strawberry,kiwi,

25 QR

Crispy Kani Mango Salad

Iceberg lettuce,avocado,mango, crab stick,furikake,red tobiko

40 QR

Wakame Salad

Chuka Wakame,dried seaweed,lemon, sesame seeds

45 QR

Soki Green Salad

Iceberg lettuce,avocado,carrots, cucumber, edamame seeds,corn, cherry tomato

25 QR

Curry Laksa Soup

Fried tofu,shrimps,chicken, bok choy,bean sprouts,udon noodle

65 QR

Crab Stick Nigiri 4 Pieces

Crab Stick, sushi rice

45 QR

Salmon Nigiri 4 Pieces

Raw salmon, sushi rice

40 QR

Ebi Nigiri 4 Pieces

Boiled shrimp, sushi rice

45 QR

Cheesy Kanikama Sushi 5 Pieces

Breaded crab stick,avocado

58 QR

Spicy Tempura Sushi Roll 8 Pieces

Breaded shrimp,avocado,spicy mayo

35 QR

Unagi Avocado 8 Pieces

Grilled eel,avocado,spicy mayo

65 QR

California Sushi 8 Pieces

Crab Stick,mango,cucumber

35 QR

Crunchy Soki Sushi Roll 8 Pieces

Avocado,tempura shrimp

30 QR

Fried Hanaanakoh Maki 5 Pieces

Breaded crab stick,raw salmon, avocado

56 QR

Cherry Blossom Sushi 8 Pieces

Beetroot juice,crabstick,asparagus, carrots

40 QR

Vegan Sushi Roll 8 Pieces

Carrots,asparagus,mushroom, avocado

30 QR

Crunchy Mango Tango Sushi 8 Pieces

Avocado,carrots,asparagus, mango

30 QR

Kanikama Cucumber Sushi 8 Pieces

Breaded crab stick,cucumber, spicy mayo

45 QR

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