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Soofi Mandi stands out in Doha as a culinary gem, offering authentic Mandi cuisine that delights the senses. Located in the bustling streets of Aziziya, Soofi Mandi is renowned for its traditional flavors and unique menu. Guests rave about the rich and aromatic dishes, capturing the essence of true Mandi cooking. Their commitment to authenticity and quality has earned them a place among the best Mandi restaurants in Qatar. With a convenient location and a warm, inviting atmosphere, Soofi Mandi is the perfect choice for those seeking a genuine Mandi dining experience. Whether it's for a family gathering or a casual meal, Soofi Mandi guarantees a memorable culinary journey.

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Green Chilly Alfaham Chicken Mandi

16 QR
Honey Chicken Alfaham Only

10 QR
Honey Chicken Alfaham Mandi

16 QR
Alfaham Chicken Mandi

15 QR
Green Chilly Alfaham Chicken Onlly

10 QR
Al faham Chicken only

9 QR
Mutton Mandi

58 QR
Beef Only

12 QR
Mutton only

45 QR
Beef Mandi

19 QR
Fish Mandi

36 QR
Fish only

28 QR
Rice Mandi Only

8 QR
Dew 1 Liter

5 QR
7up 1 Liter

5 QR
Pepsi 1 Liter

5 QR
Dew Can

3 QR
Citrus Can

3 QR
Diet Pepsi Can

3 QR