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Experience the buzzing excitement of Spring Bee in Qatar! As the exclusive provider of fbuzz in Lusail, we offer a unique selection of high-quality honey and bee-related products. Indulge in the pure and natural flavors of our locally-sourced honey, carefully crafted by our dedicated beekeepers. Discover the health benefits and exquisite taste of our fbuzz honey, known for its distinct floral notes and rich texture.

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Beef Nuggets 肉饼

100% minced lean beef. Crispy and tender. Great snack for meat lover. Portion for 2 person. Supplier: Widam, Chilled Local Australian Beef

54 QR

43.25 QR


Crispy Tiger Prawn 脆皮芥末蝦球

Daily Fresh Jumbo Prawns Coated With Mild Wasabi Mayonnaise And Orange

72 QR

57.75 QR
Beef Dumplings

Freshly Handmade With Premium Ingredients. The Best Quality And Deliciousness. Pan-Fried Beef Dumplings, Stand Out As A Popular Snack From North East China

20 QR
Spring Roll Plus

Handmade crispy skin, 3 Pieces

30 QR
Golden Fried Rice 醬油炒飯

Soy Sauce Enhanced Fried Rice

21 QR
Fried Rice 揚州炒飯

Original Chinese Famous Taste

21 QR
Hong Kong Style Fried Noodle 香港風味醬油皇炒麵

Traditional Thin Noodle With Onion And Spring Onion. Choice Of Beef And Chicken

24 QR
Hot Chilli Beef Jam 飄香牛肉辣醬

Perfect Addition Mate With Fried Rice And Fried Noodles

6 QR
Sesame Prawn Toast 芝麻蝦多士

Hong Kong favourite snack. Daily Fresh Prawn on toast with sesame.

36 QR
Edamame 毛豆

Cooked with 5 spices and served cold.

27 QR
Carrot Ball 素食胡蘿蔔丸子

28 QR
Orange Juice

Freshly Squeeze Orange Juice

15 QR
Hot Corn Drink

Best Hot Choice For Winter. No Caffeine , Nutrition Shot, Healthy Option

18 QR
Lemon Ice Tea 凍檸茶

Made With Black Tea Leaves And Freshly Squeeze Lemon Juice

15 QR
Still Water

3 QR
Double Up Cola

Qatar Local soft drink 200ml

3 QR
Double Up Lemon

Qatar Local soft drink 200ml

3 QR