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Discover the culinary delights of Sushi Library, an extraordinary sushi restaurant in Doha, Qatar. With a menu that showcases a wide variety of delectable sushi options, Sushi Library is a haven for sushi enthusiasts. At Sushi Library, we take pride in our unique offerings and exceptional dining experience. Our skilled chefs craft each sushi roll with precision and artistry, using only the freshest ingredients.

Best Selling


Chicken Tantanmen

Tantan Chicken, Chicken Chashu, Gochujang,Miso Broth

64 QR
Braised Beef Ramen

Shoyu broth, braised beef, bamboo shoot

59 QR
Shifudo Ramen

Miso broth, prawn, mussel, calamari

64 QR
Yakiniku Ramen

Shoyu broth, beef yakiniku, bamboo shoot, corn

69 QR
Chef Suli's Fried Rice

Prawn, chicken & veggies

54 QR
Chicken Fried Rice

44 QR
Seafood Fried Rice

49 QR
Ebi Fried Rice

Prawn & veggies

49 QR
Egg Fried Rice

39 QR
Chicken Yakisoba

54 QR
Prawn Yakisoba

59 QR
Yakisoba Mix

Chicken & prawns

59 QR
Yaki Udon

Udon noodles, chicken, prawns

54 QR
Kimchee Stirfried Udon

Udon noodles with kimchee, chicken & prawns

59 QR

Select cuts of fresh sashimi - salmon, tuna & hamachi, nigiris, tempura craze & california rolls (37 pieces)

249 QR
Chef Suli Selection

Combination of chef suli's creations - chef suli's supreme roll, spicy tuna roll, crispy kemuri, shibuya, kunafa cali (40 pieces)

249 QR
Mega Shira

Chef suli' best flavors all put together in one tray. Csy prawns, krunchy cream, zebra roll, tempura chips, harmony, a-roll (50 pieces)

279 QR
Grand Cali

Wide variety of our favorite california rolls (48 pieces)

219 QR
Festive Platter

Selection of finest starters - edamame, spring roll, nagoya wings, chicken gyoza & prawn tempura

159 QR