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Indulge in a perfect start to your day with Take Qahwa. Discover our delightful coffee and breakfast offerings that are sure to satisfy your cravings. From traditional espresso blends to delectable pastries, we have an array of options to fuel your day ahead. Experience the convenience of online ordering through Snoonu, ensuring fast and efficient delivery right to your doorstep. Don't miss out on the opportunity to kickstart your mornings with Take Qahwa's tantalizing delights.

Best Selling


1L Green Passion Fruit Iced Tea

220 QR
Ice Summer Coffee Box (12Pcs)

195 QR
1L Spanish Latte

125 QR
1L Dragon Mango Juice

150 QR
1L Red Passion Fruit Iced Tea

125 QR
1L Rock Salted Caramel Latte

125 QR
Ice Summer Mojito Box (12Pcs)

225 QR
1L Rose Latte

125 QR
Dragon Mango Juice

28 QR
Blue Shark Mojito

26 QR
Peach Iced Tea

22 QR
Red Passion Fruit Iced Tea

22 QR
Green Passion Fruit Iced Tea

22 QR
Nayef Classic Mojito

26 QR
Pink Panther Mojito

26 QR
Egg With Cheese Sandwich

Soft roll, Egg with cheese, tomato, lettuce and chipotle sauce

22 QR
Arabic Halloumi Sandwich

Soft roll , marinated halloumi with grilled pepper and cream cheese spread

21 QR
Egg And Tomato Sandwich

Multicereal bread, Egg and tomato with tzatziki sauce

23 QR
Chicken Grilled Sandwich

Multicereal bread, Marinated chicken breast with roasted garlic aioli sauce and capsicum

24 QR